07 November 2010 @ 12:55 pm
leave the wreckage of your sins  
Oh god, guys, I am so far behind on answering comments and emails and doing, you know, everything. It's been a ridiculously busy weekend so far, and I'm supposed to be at a dinner right now, but I'm hiding in my room to post this first. Mostly because, UGH, I love my family, but I don't have to love them all weekend do I?

Anyway, first of all, consider this... a music rec? I saw Jarrod Gorbel open for fun. in St. Louis last month and was smitten pretty much right away. And 'Impressions' just... This song, you guys, this song.
Watch this video and fall in love! )

Look, I'll I'm saying is: "wash it off your skin / leave the wreckage of your sins / feels a lot like, feels a lot like a new beginning"

If the Inception team were going to have completely ridiculous/useless superpowers what would they be? I don't mean like, invisibility, or mind reading. I mean ridiculous! Who can make bagels (and nothing else!) magically appear? Who can talk to squirrels and no other animals? What other random superpowers do they have?

Ugh. Okay, more family time now. :( Since they are knocking on the door.
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14 September 2010 @ 05:30 pm
comfortable, yet classy  
Random thing I want #14092010: JGL covering Amanda Palmer's Leeds United. No, seriously. Just think of JGL getting all growly while singing, "Who needs love when there's Southern Comfort." Yeah, you're welcome for that mental image.

When you recover from that: The Like - Why When Love Is Gone. Which I don't so much want to see JGL cover. This is just the musical representation of my relationship with Sam and Dean. "Your love was sweet when it started / but now I find it leaves me broken hearted." Seriously, I'm all nervous for the new season. It's like that ex you know you're going to run into and you're not sure how you can handle it. STOP IT, SPN. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE HEARTBREAK.

Look! Meme things! Part 1, because homework is demanding.

For [ profile] imagines: Arthur and Ariadne get trapped in an elevator when it breaks down. They experience no discomfort (hunger, etc.) other than being REALLY BORED. How do they pass the time? )

It's Puck's birthday. Does Gus get them a gift? If so, what is it? )

Veronica Mars and Kurt Hummel find themselves under mistletoe at Christmas. What do they do about it? )

If Mal Cobb and Wendy Watson were roommates at college, how would they get along? )

Mal Reynolds is plotting revenge against Eames. For what reason? And should Eames be running for their life, or will they just be waking up with filthy words written on their face in Sharpie? )

For [ profile] jibrailisMal Reynolds and Wendy Watson have a dance-off. Who wins? )
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23 August 2010 @ 05:21 pm
guess he's an xbox... I'm more atari  
I'm sure most of you have seen this a billion places already, but I seriously cannot stop listening to this song. It is the catchiest thing since Swine Flu, you guys, and I love it. )

In other news, today I have managed to skip class, not finish my homework, keep down eggs and hashbrowns, consider the not inconsiderable merits of a JGL/bandom crossover (he SINGS, guys, he sings and I swoon a little bit, and also sometimes he looks not unlike that one ridiculous failboat that I love a bunch even though he gets drunk and earworms me with terrible songs he can't hit the notes of), and not write a single word or take a nap.

Fail day is fail.

Back to homework now, I suppose.
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18 August 2010 @ 01:59 pm
I want all the stupid old shit  
I assume anyone who wants to see it has seen JGL singing Natural Woman, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, this leads us to...

Random Thing I Want In Life # 20100818: JGL covering Fuck and Run by Liz Phair. I don't think he'd change the lyrics, either, so he'd be all, "I want a boyfriend... the kind of guy who makes love 'cause he's in it" and I would be all "♥____♥" and ALL WOULD BE RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.

Random Thing I Want In Life # 20100818b: And also High Lonesome by the Gaslight Anthem, just because I think it would be sort of perfect for his voice, and also I love this song to an absolutely obscene degree.

Unrelated Random Fact About My Day: I totally had a Sneaky Hate Spiral moment, where I had to actually resist the urge to tell her girl at Subway, "No, the cheese doesn't go like that. WHY CAN'T YOU GET IT RIGHT?"

::coughs:: Today != my day.
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24 July 2010 @ 04:15 pm
I probably need to give in and get a JGL icon  
I ended up taking allergy meds at like, 6 this morning and passing out 'til 2:30 this afternoon. Ah, I will never be able to function in real society again, I fear.

but still, I am getting ready to go see Inception later this evening. You have all built it up so much that it had better not disappoint. Or I'll pout. Probably a lot.

Though, really, my greatest expectation is pretty much: JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT IS HOT Y/Y?

Really, you guys, I'm very easy to please.

Um. A song! Spring Awakening - Touch Me. I cannot stop listening to this soundtrack, oh my god.
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03 June 2010 @ 10:07 pm
I never meant to brag  
Wow, so my summer blow-off courses? SUCK. Not cool, school, not cool at all. >:(

So, I have been completely digging The Gaslight Anthem (omg so Dean! Every song is Dean! ALL ABOUT DEAN) but they are not exactly driving music. I've got a 10+ hour road trip (alone omg) in my not so distant future. Anybody have suggestions for road music? Something that'll keep me awake, and not make me want to drive off the road out of depression/horror/angst/bleed ears?

::makes puppy eyes::
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27 May 2010 @ 04:08 pm
indecision is the new black  
TL;DR RL BS :\ )

In less annoying and outside of the cut news, I bought a Butch Walker CD used last night, for a whopping $5.99. Um. HI, BUTCH WALKER IS AMAZING, YOU GUYS. YOU SHOULD ALL GO LISTEN TO HIM RIGHT NOW.

Maybe It's Just Me -
♥ "I can't wait to see you rise and I can't wait for you to shine"

Mixtape -
♥ "You drive away from my car crash of a hearts and I don't know... But you gave me the best mixtape I have"

Race Cars and Goth Rock -
♥ "And it gets so annoying, like a chick magazine with 17 subscription cards shoved in between, they fall past my seat, and they land at my feet, right next to my pride, now can you beat that?"
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27 February 2010 @ 11:08 pm
tell me, hey, what's the news from your bed?  
I cut because I care... and because I don't want to scale this picture down anymore than I absolutely have to )

In conclusion: Jesus Christ, Robert Downey Jr. stop being that hot. Or get in my pants

Um. Have a song? Bishop Allen - The News From Your Bed
"there's a mouse in the cupboard that nibbles your crumbs / and you talk to him every night / you say, "hey, mr. whiskers, I'm bored and I'm numb / you can stay if you just treat me right"
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02 February 2010 @ 10:31 pm
I'd probably be too lazy to use them for evil anyway  
This week could be greatly improved by waking up with super powers. I'm just saying.

Have a song fitting of my mood:
Motion City Soundtrack - @!#?!@
--- We all just want to do our thing / without the misery you bring ---
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13 December 2008 @ 11:45 pm
when you wake up the world will come around  
I never want to listen to anything else ever again


In something (gasp!shock!) not FOB related.

I seem to have written Dr. Horrible fic.

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05 August 2008 @ 06:11 pm
I will fall asleep alone  
Some days, you know, are just kind of made of fail.

So far every day in August falls into that. In like, a completely epic way. It leaves me mostly trying to do something other than stand around and stomp my feet and demand hugs and, like, shiny prizes. Possibly noise makers.

I've pretty much let go of the idea of stalking PatD this fall, or, actually, seeing them at all. Woe and alas, but arena tours at not for me. They are not! I'm still flailing and sulking and acting five about it though.

Being a grown up sucks! Why do I have to pay bills?! Oh, life, how you fail me.

That situation is, I suppose, made slightly better by the fact that I've got The Cab coming to Tulsa Sept. 12th and Cobra Starship Nov. 6th! Cab babies! COBRA FUCKING STARSHIP! I cannot wait. Must find someone to con into going with me to these events. ::wiggles fingers at random friends::

I still wish I was a penguin though. That totally makes sense if you're me, too.

Have some random music! Write me fic for it!

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07 June 2008 @ 03:19 pm
I am scared, but only of god and a witness stand  
Whee! I haven't checked in in a while, I guess.

Hi, I haven't disappeared!

I got my tattoo and fell in love with it, with the idea of it, with the idea of more. Like, ok, see, this is my secrect:

I'm too in love with words to think straight.

The PatD show was awesome, again, and only slightly less awesome was Motion City before them. Like, ok, really, people, really. If you do not know Motion City Soundtrack I am sad for you.

And, hey, while we're at it: Phantom Planet. And I'm not just talking about California, either (tinkletinkletinktinkletinkletink) but their new stuff! The new CD! Raise the Dead, f-list, you know you wanna.

I may have to do a music spam post later, come to think of it.

But back to the main point of this!

Words! Words, words, words, words. The way they sound and fit and feel when you say them, the images, the feeling, the way they make you stop, sometimes, make you shift, make you feel like you remember, from before, from then and then and then and that one time, when you couldn't breathe and you thought you were going to burst from everything single thing around you.


Now, why is writing so hard?
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