09 February 2010 @ 02:34 am
oh noes! someone is wrong on the internet!  
Dear Internet,

Helpful tip: when insulting the intelligence of another person, it might be best if you followed a few simple steps.
1. Abusing the apostrophe will gain you no ground, sir. Kindly refrain from contractions if you're going to continue to do it wrong.
2. You should probably go ahead and spell out all of your words. Yes, even "be." I know that "e" at the end is so troublesome and tiring to press, but let's go ahead and assume that, at least, is for the good of the nation.
3. While it may have worked in the fifth grade, calling other people names as an adult doesn't make you seem any better by comparison. In fact, it points out how very weak your argument is that you had to resort to the internet equivalent of kindergarten playground interactions.

These are, of course, only the basics.

Thank you and goodnight,

So, basically I made the mistake of reading comments posted to the Jon Stewart interview on Bill O'Reilly.

In HAPPIER NEWS, HAVE YOU SEE THIS NEWS? It gets caps from GLEE, not rage. I'm hoping the universe has decided to make up for... 75% of everything else in my life at the moment by presenting me with what appears to be an actual chance to get the exact RDJ/Jensen Ackles fic my heart has been pining after for a while now to happen in real actual life with the idea of Jensen Ackles in a superhero costume.

The internet, she gives and she takes and she gives and she takes.
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06 January 2006 @ 11:16 am
in which there is a return to listing  
1) What's a girl gotta offer to get caps of The Daily Show? Fic? Sexual favors? I just want one or two from last night's show. I need a Gryffindor!Jon icon. Don't you understand?
2) My tummy hurts.
3) I've yet to write anything this year. What'cha think about that?
4) No, I do not have a Spice Girl's song stuck in my head because my soundcard keeps randomly deciding that it's not going to work until after I restart. But thanks for your concern.
5) Why does the fic I want to read not just magically appear on my f-list? Other people, they want fic, and magically, there it is. I feel you lot are slacking.
6) This weekend I will be going to see Brokeback Mountain. With my mother. Who keeps calling it Bareback Mountain. Hopefully. I don't know if I'm disturbed or amused.
7) I've started a list of Scrubs recs (on lj). This is bad, people. I don't rec. I don't. I, in general, flail about sadly and this is on LJ, because the rest of the internet is not handy and easy to click a little heart and put into my memories and, my god, have I even begun to rant about LJ and their dislike of the memories feature yet? Because I gotta tell you, they aren't fond of it at all, they way it only loads every other time you click on it, and you have to spend twice as much time refreshing just to get it up and hey, look ma, I still have runon sentences.
8) It's Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance to It: The Multifandom mp3 ficathon. Not because I am an addict. Not because I am weak, but because I made her do it. Yes, yes, it's true. I am all powerful that way. So go, I say! Go and sign up, and do not fear that you will end up having to write a story for Santa Baby!
9) Tomorrow night, I will be started a Prompt Trading Post. Be prepared.
10) And tell your friends.
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