01 December 2005 @ 01:30 am
you're the reason civilization is declining  
(1) It's not fair that other people get to be arty and nonlinear and I don't.

(2) Fuck Fox. Seriously. Fuck them a fucking lot. You know what's taking over for Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential? Dancing with the Stars ON ICE. And I haven't even started on how they're moving Bones to the same time slot that Veronica Mars and Lost are in. Yeah, not gonna get to what that one anymore.

(3) Speaking of omg Veronica Mars )

(4) Reality TV needs to die. It's ruining America. I want a t-shirt with a quote from Bones last night, randomly: "You're the reason civilization is declining"

(5) Seriously, with the sad, sad loss of Bones in January, the number of shows I watch on Fox has gone from 5 to 1. Fox does not want me watching their channel. House should clearly be afraid.

(6) I must admit, Stephen Colbert has the most talented left eyebrow in the business.

(7) Oh, CSI: NY will never learn. Clunky product placement, random chicks hitting on Mac, Danny having a girlfriend named Cindy to help and aid in said clunky product placement... None of it will stop my slashing. None of it. Mac/Danny/Hawkes OT3!

(8) In the month of November, I wrote 5,610 words.

(9) If my word count for December is under 12,000 I will be very, very surprised.

(10) I don't want to write House anymore. It's hard and I'm bad at it. ::whines::
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15 October 2005 @ 10:10 pm
fic: learning curve (yourself around me) - vm - veronica/weevil  
title: Learning Curve (Yourself to Me)
fandom: Veronica Mars
pairing: Weevil/Veronica
words: 800
rating: PG
summary: Sometimes it just takes a while to catch on.
notes: For [ profile] emcue for her birthday. Veronica/Weevil in eight drabbles. And, yes, the brackets are in the title because I hate to buck a trend when I'm the only one going with it. ;)

Learning Curve (Yourself to Me) )
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16 August 2005 @ 07:10 pm
it's always better on holiday.  
I hate cleaning. I hate cleaning a whole goddamn lot. Clearly I need to be wealthy, because forget lower gas prices or world peace or everything my heart desires at my fingertips (including, but not limited to, Wilson, Chase, Rusty, Carmine and a shiny new laptop with wireless DSL that never drops out) what I really need most in the world is a maid. ::eyes Shoe Hill wearily:: It's gotten to the point where the mountains of clothes cannot be breathed near, for fear of avalanche. It's gotten to the point where I can't find a pair of shoes, because all 20 pairs of shoes are piled up in front of the shelf that holds my TV. I got a new VCR a little over a week ago. I can't plug it in because I can't move the shelf because of the shoes. I'd put them in my closest, but I'm honestly a little afraid of what might happen if I were to open my closet. The CDs near my computer are all on the verge of falling off the desk and I cannot be arsed to move them, because the CD holder is full and I've got jewelry piled high as the sky on the other side.

Clearly, the solution here is to post drabbles that I wrote ages ago. Because my desire to not do a thing should not be underestimated.

So: What was supposed to be the start of the Duncan/Logan [ profile] slashfest fic, but turned into a drabble:

untitled - VM - Duncan - R - 100 words )

And: What was supposed to be the beginning of a drabble series, until I found a new OTP, the series was Places They Aren't, only had I gotten around to finishing it I probably would have come up with a better title:

Home - Numb3rs - Charlie - PG - 100 words )

Bed - Numb3rs - Don - PG - 100 words )
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05 August 2005 @ 03:56 am
fic: you'd be my nicotine (in another world) - vm - duncan/logan  
title: You'd Be My Nicotine (In Another World)
fandom: Veronica Mars
rating: R
words: 2,009
written for: [ profile] maybedarkpink who requested pre-series, pre-Lilly's death Duncan/Logan.
notes: Thanks to [ profile] catnamedbuffy for the beta, and to [ profile] carylic for not putting me on her ignore list with all the wibbling over this she's been forced to endure.

( You'd Be My Nicotine (In Another World) )
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07 July 2005 @ 01:41 am
ficlet - cruel - vm - lilly/logan  
title: Cruel
fandom: Veronica Mars
words: 178
notes: attempt the first at the Logan/Weevil. There's no Weevil. There's just Lilly and Logan.

Cruel )
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29 June 2005 @ 10:32 pm
fic: a little less conversation (a little more action, please) - veronica mars - logan/weevil  
title: A Little Less Conversation (A Little More Action Please)
rating: R
pairing: Weevil/Logan
summary: Logan, Weevil, poker and fights.
words: 4,592
spoilers: Through The Girl Next Door. I'm pretty sure there's nothing after that.
notes: written for [ profile] snoopypez's request for the Ships That Aren't V/L ficathon. I'm sorry that I couldn't make it funny. Elvis gets credit for the title.

A Little Less Conversation (A Little More Action Please) )
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