13 September 2010 @ 11:05 pm
write all the cliches?  
Things of note:
  1. I am currently trying to talk [ profile] musesfool into writing a story with ALL THE CLICHES IN THE WORLD.
  2. ... How many fanfic tropes could you fit into one story?
  3. Shut up. I am totally not tempted to try and write all the cliches.
  4. Though, lucky for me, [ profile] jibrailis wrote The Big Sleep, which is a story where Arthur's vicious in his sleep, and Eames subdues him with petting. You guys, this is the story of my heart! Having to be stealthy to cuddle! Petting! Hating on the creeptasticness that is Edward!
  5. \o/
  6. Also, the awesome thing about fandom: someone else will write it so you don't have to! :DDD
  7. Okay, so I might be considering attempting the write all the cliches.
  8. /o\
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