05 August 2010 @ 11:27 pm
worst mod type person ever!  
Today I:

  • Bought books for next semester ($590! For 4 classes! This is robbery.)
  • Tried to figure out how to write a Glee bakery AU
  • Accomplished nothing on my to-do list
  • Had a 2 hour flailfest over JGL's floppy hair in The Lookout
  • Took a nap. A glorious, wonderful nap

Oh yeah, I'm a rock star.

In news I keep forgetting to share: [ profile] musesfool and I have an AO3 collection here for all your stories inspired by A Softer World comics. They make such awesome prompts for stories, you guys, you should all go write fic to add to the collection! It's like the most low-key thing ever, without due dates or exchanges or anything more specific than: Stories prompted by A Softer World.
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02 September 2009 @ 04:59 pm
fic: liberty challenged - psych  
title: Liberty Challenged
fandom: Psych
summary: Gus is not a BFF-slut, because it's not cheating to think about it.
notes: This was supposed to be Shawn/Gus, but as per my usual M.O. ended up being what totally counts for gen, because the show's writers are way more OTP about Shawn/Gus than I will ever be. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the prompt, and for looking it over. Written for this A Softer World comic.

Liberty Challenged )
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10 August 2009 @ 01:22 am
fic: never slapped five with god: 44 lines about 22 deaths - spn - gen  
title: Never Slapped Five with God: 44 Lines About 22 Deaths
summary: The brief lives and many deaths of Castiel, Angel of the Lord.
rating: pg
fandom: Supernatural
notes: This is all [ profile] musesfool's fault, alright, I was sitting around innocently, minding my own business, and then she made me write this. She also gave me the summary, and the structure, and betaed. Also based on the alt tag of this A Softer World comic.

The brief lives and many deaths of Castiel, Angel of the Lord )
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08 August 2009 @ 10:29 am
fic: the adventure starts here - being human - pg  
title: The Adventure Starts Here
rating: PG
fandom: Being Human
summary: It's different, but it's not. And these are the things she's been waiting for.
notes: First of all, many, many thanks to [ profile] luzdeestrellas, as nearly always, for the beta and bonus Brit-picking because I've forgotten everything I learned during my HP days. Second of all, I've seen the two episodes of this that've aired on BBC America, so no spoilers, and also no promises that it fits in with overall canon. Last of all, I accidentally challenged [ profile] sleepismyfriend to see which of us could write more stories based on A Softer World comics, and this is my first step toward victory, using this comic as the prompt.

She trails her fingertips up his arm, just to watch him shiver. )
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