15 February 2011 @ 02:05 am
we can roll around in your dirty old magic  
Today has been a day, my surgery has been moved, all of the things failed to become accomplished, and I owe so very many comment and email answers. I will get to those, I swear! Cross my heart! But right now it's 1:42, and I've got a dentist appointment about 40 minutes away at 8 in the morning. So, I LOVE YOU, I WILL GET THERE, I SWEAR IT.

In the meantime, though, a few things I couldn't help but share:

1) Remix time is fast approaching, as it tends to do, and discussion of fandoms to add/remove is going on here. Just ftr though, Inception and H5-0 will both be added this year. I AM SO EXCITED. And need to hurry and get some fic written so I qualify in H5-0. But come over and join the discussion! See what'll it take for us to entice you all to come play with us this year! :DD

2) [ profile] harlequincepted's new theme is up! We're going with kid!fic this round, which covers everything from baby-on-the-doorstep to Eames-is-suddenly-six. CANNOT WAIT to see what turns up in this. ♥

3) So there's this band you may have heard me mention once or twice. Empires? Tiny band I've done stupid things to see. Would do stupid things to see again. Yeah, yeah, you've seen the flail. These dudes are fantastic in at least a billion ways, and they are unsigned, and here is your chance to help them get some recognition they absolutely deserve by voting for them to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Do it, do it, DO IT FOR ME, OKAY, IF NOT FOR THEM.

4) Seriously THANK YOU to all the people who told me about that thing on H5-0 tonight. Ahahaha. I will be updating the pimping post regularly to keep up with that thing. Probably not everything else, because, uh, not sure if you've noticed this but: STEVE AND DANNY ARE MARRIED. I'd try and show you every moment that proves it, but that's pretty much every minute they are on screen together. Also, because it really must be said, OH MY GOD TONIGHT'S EPISODE. OH MY GOD THEM. I love them so much.

5) EVERYONE SHOULD GO LOOK AT [ profile] aredblush's SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC Valentine's Day card. Bandom and Inception and HAWAII FIVE-OH, OH MY. Honestly, I think she can't be more amazing, and she draws a Steve/Danny ninja Spider-man kiss. DYING from how much I adore it. DYING.
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04 January 2011 @ 11:37 pm
things! and other things!  
So, I've pretty much decided to go ahead and hit Chicago this weekend. I mentioned it to my mother and her response was "well, it will be your last chance for a while." CURSE YOU, ADULTHOOD. >:(

But the important part of that story is EMPIRES. EMPIRES FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. :DDDD

Also, it has come to my attention--and to absolutely no one's surprise--that there is, in fact, not a single fake boyfriend fic that I don't want like burning. ♥___♥

Also, also, I am attempting to cut back on Diet Dr. Pepper and it HURTS MY HEAD SO MUCH. DDDDD:

Also, also, also, I have had Firecracker by Katy Perry stuck in my head since I woke up. >:(

Also, also, also, also: THIS HAPPENED. :DDDDDD
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11 June 2010 @ 11:21 pm
you want to captain the Titanic, too?  
Trip to TN was a success! Trip home is a scary, scary thing lingering in the distant future of sometime Wednesday, but, whatever. I totally made it in less that the 11 hours I was sort of expecting, so take that google maps!

Empires, you guys, EMPIRES. For some reason, they played first after a couple of local bands, but they were typically awesome with an extra helping of awesome sauce. Sean Van Vleet totally did the directly singing to random people in the crowd and pointing thing again, which is awesome when not directed at me, because all I can do it shake my head at how big the heart eyes I want to make are, in order to not just stare like a creeper.

After the show, I chatted with the drummer from Lights Resolve for a bit, but we were starving, so we went for french fries instead of staying to watch them. They are actually pretty damn good though, so I fully recommend giving them a listen. Apparently they have a free EP up on their website!

I also congratulated Ryan J on a good set, and one where he did not break anything! He thanked me and told me that he'd been practicing. I told Adorable Merch Dude, once again, that as we kept trying to tell them, if they would just come around our neck of the woods, we'd make sure and take care of them. In the least creepy way possible, obviously. No, I mean, I actually said, "and I mean that in the least creepy way possible." Sean Van Vleet told me that I also put on a good show. I told him that, in my defense, since Treva and Shai weren't with me I was under orders to rock out for all of us. Apparently, this was a success? \o? I'm still not sure how I feel about the entire thing, but, whatever. I told him I was going for food, and he hugged me, and that just makes me happy like a happy happy thing. Whatever. At least half of you have no room at all to judge me.

Then there was outlet shopping! And then we drove to Knoxville and napped. The napping was also very, very awesome.

I've been gone less than 48 hours, and I'm at skip =140, so if I miss anything important, point me to it, yo. I know there was something else I was gonna tell you, but hell if I can remember what it was now.
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