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angelgazing ([personal profile] angelgazing) wrote2005-02-11 11:44 pm
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and let it be known

I announce to all of fandom(s) on the internets world wide that no longer will Feb. 14th be a day for lovers. No longer will the single be signaled out as less than worthy of this day. Oh, for the single shall embrace this day! They shall look around with pity for the boys with girls and the girls with boys and the dateless shall triumph over the badly dated.

For from now on let this day be known all the internet (or livejournal) over as
Self-Love Day.

You (the single, or the unsingle who wish to be, or the coupled who just want to play along) have two options on Self-Love Day. You can

a) post (in your journal) wank!fic, and link me to it in comments. You know you want to do it. Show me what you got.

b) post (in your journal) something that you've done, created, lived or are that you love. You love Fic A? Rec it to the world, tell us why you love it. Then go write wank!fic. You love that painting you did in high school? You proud of how your kid turned out? You think more people should know your poetry? You like the colour of your eyes or the turn of your nose? Tell the world! Show the world! Don't let there be any shame here.

Now, go forth and create the wank!fic and spread the idea of Self-Love Day. It's good for everyone.

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