27 November 2010 @ 09:01 pm
things! + fic - the same old story - killjoys verse - gen  
1) Last Monday, I told [ profile] aredblush that obviously the only way to really celebrate Danger Days coming out was with, will art. (Art is the weapon!) And she drew me killjoys! So amazing, guys! So amazing!

2) In exchange, she asked for the killjoys from the girl's POV. So this happened:

The Same Old Story - Killjoys - gen - 405 words
Girl you got to be what tomorrow needs )

3) A few days ago [ profile] gyzym and I were talking about an Oregon Trail AU, because we crack ourselves up. And because Inception is possible! [ profile] aredblush just DREW IT AND IT IS GLORIOUS AND YOU SHOULD ALL GO LOOK AND ADOOORE HER BASICALLY, OKAY

4) UM TO THE AWESOME PERSON WHO HAS BEEN STUCK WITH ME FOR YULETIDE: I fail at letters, so, so, let me just say, I enjoy happy things, banter, pining, banter, seeing how two people are with each other, banter, friendship, banter, cuddling, banter, and even ridiculous AUs. You should feel no obligation to follow my optional details, and write something you like. I'm sure it will be fantastic. Happy writing, and thank you so much!

5) Speaking of cuddling, a poll!
[Poll #1650216]
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17 November 2010 @ 01:46 am
great day in the morning, people, victory is mine  

I have:
1. Purchased HP midnight screening tickets
2. Finally completed my Yuletide sign up
3. Registered to get my pre-sale code for MCR tickets
4. Changed my twitter username to match this one

I have not:
1. Done my damn homework I won't have time for later
2. Written anything
3. Caught up on comments and emails

Um. Have this thing! The original ending for the first scene in Like I Wanna Live Now:
Short Deleted Scene is short )

And now, for my final act: BED.
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13 October 2010 @ 09:23 pm
and all you choose to bed  
Yuletide nominations are live! I have no idea what to pick! So many choices!

I know I want RocknRolla, and Crush by Richard Siken (seriously, the beauty of Yuletide, right there, it almost brings a tear to my eye).

What else do I want to pick? I can't decide! Ocean's 11? Middleman? 500 days of Summer? Inception RPF? Something else I haven't even thought of yet? Why are choices so hard?
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09 May 2010 @ 12:42 am
I mean, seriously  
... You guys, I'm 30 minutes in, and already baffled about why there is not slash for How to Be a Serial Killer.

Man, Yuletide is still so far away!
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08 January 2010 @ 04:15 pm
fic: these vagabond shoes - o11 - danny/rusty  
title: These Vagabond Shoes
rating: G
fandom: Ocean's Eleven
pairing: Danny/Rusty
summary: Retirement was never really in the cards for either one of them. Post Ocean's 13.
notes: Written for yuletide '09. Many, many, many thanks to [ profile] musesfool all she did to make this story happen. Originally posted here at AO3.

It starts with one of those little fake silver collector's spoons from Phoenix. )
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