02 February 2009 @ 08:24 pm
open up a little happiness today  
Coke has a new ad campaign, right? Well, they're supposed to. Either way, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump and, uh, I'm pretty sure Travis McCoy, um among others do the new song for it. I might just, I might just be a little in love.

I've maybe had it on repeat since last night. I want to dig out the stuff so I can use it as an alarm clock in the mornings. Seriously.

I am that lame.

Also, also, CHUCK. CHUCK IN 3D.

He's so freaking cute. I'd like to put him on a screen with Jensen. And maybe Jared. I'd either laugh myself into a coma, or die from all the hot/cute/adorable.

It's kind of a toss up as to which would be better, honestly.

There has to be that crossover somewhere...
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09 December 2005 @ 01:31 am
campaign against humbuggery  
(a) Different format tonight. Aren't you impressed? I'm so original, let me tell you.
(b) I'm so original.
(c) Tonight I will, absolutely will at least start one of the other four [ profile] slashfest fics. I will, dammit.
(d) I am fucked like a very fucked thing.
(e) I need to make Colbert icons. This is a sad state of affairs, people.
(f) One, for the record, that says, "Real Americans Fail Geography"
(g) So were I to, hypothetically, take a weird format I've used before, in a different fandom mind, and use it for one of my [ profile] slashfest fics, would that be cheating?
(h) I am behind on answering comments again. ::cringes::
(i) My Fannish Christmas list: behind the cut )
(j) If you loved me at all, you'd get me the first thing on my list. Or the last thing. ::puppy eyes::
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