14 October 2010 @ 09:54 pm
fic - everything is coming up rainbows - inception - arthur/eames  
True story: today I got a text message from an unknown number. This same unknown number had sent me birthday wishes, and I thought it would be sort of a dick move to answer "Happy birthday!" with "Thanks! Who is this?" Oh, how little did I know. Today, the unknown number texts me, and asks me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.

There's a very thin connection between that story and the one to follow. I... don't really like weddings. I wrote this for [ profile] gyzym and [ profile] aredblush because they are crazy people who encourage me to be crazy at every turn. Also, seriously, [ profile] gyzym did everything shy of holding me at gun point to make me write it.

title: Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames
rating: PG for language
words: 3580
summary: Arthur kisses Eames on his stupid fuzzy cheek, then interrupts another drawn out "awww" from Ariadne to say, "We're married, by the way," over his shoulder, "in real life. Did you guys not know that?"
disclaimer: I do not own Inception or Care Bears, and I cannot be held responsible for tarnished childhood memories.
notes: This is the prequel to Let the Fun Shine In, but if you haven't read that one, then this one probably won't make a lot of sense. Sorry! Again, all blame should be directed at [ profile] gyzym. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the short-notice beta.

Art (which is so much more adorable) to go with this story by [ profile] aredblush can be found here and here. ETA: And here!!!!!!

Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows )
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10 October 2010 @ 11:51 pm
As seen, um, all over my flist. ([ profile] rebootuniverse, [ profile] pyroclastic)

Give me a character/pairing and a word, and I will write you one sentence* of fic.

I have to be able to finish that, right?

* May actually be more than one sentence.
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28 September 2010 @ 07:08 pm
remember when you were a mad man?  
Warning: I may in fact spend the rest of the week titling posts with lines from the new MCR song. (Out today! Buy it now on iTunes! :D )

Since MCR has finally seen fit to grace us with new music, I would now like it if Panic! would do they same. That would make an awesome birthday present for me, I think. :DD That or a JGL. Or some Handsome Bob/One Two fic. Or the magical ability to read/write/understand French without having to go through what I suspect to be the long and difficult process of learning it. I'm not asking for a lot, here, really.

The real point of this post, so you know you can ignore all the rest of it without missing anything fun and/or exciting, drive by rec:

on ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur by [ profile] rollsofrice
An Arthur/Eames version of The Little Prince. You guys, for real, this is just stunning. I don't even know what else to say about it.
'Yes,' said Eames. There was little use hiding these things on a planet the size of a small house, where things would catch up to you eventually, even if you constantly took several steps to the right.
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27 September 2010 @ 10:06 pm
and y'all know I hate to repeat myself  
Once again internet, I must ask you, where is all the Handsome Bob/One Two fic? How is there not an explosion of it? I've found, like, three. (All on AO3, for those also looking.)

Seriously, internet, it's TOM HARDY and GERARD BUTLER. How does the hotness alone not grant me a billion stories? Look, I don't even have to have stories. Just scenes of incredibly dirty fucking would do.

Come on, now, don't make me be the one to write this. You won't like it if I'm the one to write this.


Yuletide, I think I know what I'll be requesting this year.
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16 September 2010 @ 03:08 pm
fic - let the fun shine in - inception - arthur/eames  
title: Let the Fun Shine In
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames (sort of. In a gen sort of way)
rating: Way less horrifying than dead mothers, Disney.
words: 1500
summary: The team turn into Care Bears for a job, and no one's life is as hard as Arthur's.
warnings: Crack. So, so much crack. And moving things that should not move.
notes: So [ profile] aredblush drew adorable Inception ponies, and I said, "Next is CARE BEARS, right?" And then she drew Arthur and Eames as Care Bears. It brought me so much joy, I had to write this to make her post it. You're welcome. Now, blame her for this insanity. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the beta. I'm just going to... go hide now.

Now with more adorable art by [ profile] aredblush.

Let the Fun Shine In )
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07 September 2010 @ 03:00 am
fic - like i wanna live now - inception - arthur/eames  
title: Like I Wanna Live Now
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames
rating: Acceptable for General Audiences
words: 5525
summary: Arthur hates Eames' clothes. Mostly for how comfortable they are.
notes: If I still had shame, you guys, I would have it for how ridiculous this. Please place all blame in the direction of [ profile] aredblush, who is a terrible enabler and a fantastic cheerleader. Many, many, many thanks to [ profile] musesfool for betaing, and titling, and to [ profile] luzdeestrellas for helping make this postable, so I can continue to win our contest.

Also with artwork by [ profile] aredblush!

In a rare turn of events, Arthur doesn't blame Eames. )
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02 September 2010 @ 04:53 am
whatya want from me?  
Shh. No, I'm totally in bed. And asleep. I did not just stay up until almost 5AM writing, because that would be insane. Especially since I have a programming assignment due tomorrow and an exam in my federal government class on Friday that I haven't even begun to study for.

But, you know, ANYWAY. Let's talk about how Tom Hardy makes doing push-ups look like he's doing porn. )

I just don't even know what to do with this video. Other than get a whole new appreciation for Tom Hardy's ass, because, holy shit. Let's focus on that some more.

Also, so my one true love doesn't think I'm abandoning him for pillow-lippy pastures, how about a video where... a lot of things happen, but my brain gets stuck on how JGL apparently likes it when it's hard )

Also, he laughs. ::chin hands:: I enjoy that a great, great deal. For the record.

Um. Have a rec!

Dream a Little Dream by [ profile] meiface. An Arthur/Eames version of the Bank Robber dance video that JGL and Zooey Deschanel did. It's got an amazing flow, and is just the loveliest thing I've read in days. (Which, let's me fair, in Inception fandom is saying something.)
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29 August 2010 @ 08:27 pm
yes, we're back to this  
"During our lessons these really gay dancers were trying to put it on Butler," says Hardy. "They just made me want to snuggle Gerard a bit tighter, lick his top lip a bit."


This post is brought to you by a repeated viewing of RocknRolla, Tom Hardy's mouth, and the letters U-N-F.

Also, damn you, Emmys.
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19 August 2010 @ 06:50 pm
What do you do when you think you've been a victim of inception?  
I have the sudden urge to write Arthur/Eames sexpollen fic.

::eyes the internet suspiciously::

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15 August 2010 @ 07:54 pm
and now I need a Tom Hardy icon  
Dear Internets,

I have now watched RocknRolla, declared my love for all things Guy Ritchie (with the exception of Madonna), and given in to the popular public opinion that Gerard Butler is The Shit.

In return, I ask that you please give me all the Handsome Bob/One Two fic in the world.

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