29 October 2010 @ 11:23 pm
this is more disturbing than getting earwormed by the Pussy Cat Dolls (boys call me sexy)  
A List of the Arthur/Eames Things I Am Planning To/Need To/ Have Begun To Write:

    ( In no particular order )

  • The Ferris Wheel fic ( In progress )
  • Ballroom AU ( In progress )
  • Werewolf!Arthur ( ...Sorry! Outlined? )
  • Sexpollen! ( Outlined. If you find my Shame please return it. )
  • Hair pulling fic! ( In progress )
  • 5 Places on Arthur that Eames Most Likes to Kiss (w/ art by [ profile] aredblush) ( 1/5th completed. )
  • 5 Kissing Cliches
  • Tattoo Parlor AU
  • Accidentally Married!
  • Dog Walker!Arthur
  • You've Got Mail sort of AU thing
  • The one where Arthur joined the military to rebel against his ultra liberal hippie parents
  • AU where the Inception team are wedding planners
  • I Speak Fluent Tequila and Passable Love ( with [ profile] gyzym )
  • Undercover Investigative Report Eames and Political Campaign Manager Arthur
  • Inception Circus
  • Sullen!Teen!Arthur
  • Cupid!Arthur
  • The Hacker AU titled Love Bytes ( oh puns, I wish I knew how to quit you )
  • Crime Reporter Arthur and an Eames who keeps committing petty crimes to get Arthur's attention.
  • The AU where Eames woos Arthur via crossword puzzle
  • Daddy!Eames and Teacher!Arthur! ( in cardigans )
  • Psych AU where Eames is Shawn, Yusuf is Gus, Ariadne is Juliet, and Arthur is Lassiter.
  • Arthur comes to in the middle of an obsession with Eames' hands.


ETA: Have 300 words of a thing that didn't turn out the way it was supposed to!
Arthur and Eames, when they met )
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09 October 2010 @ 08:13 pm
bad ideas, I has them!  
Bad idea I totally want to write #1: The AU where Arthur is a less than ethically sound computer forensic technician who hacks into high security government websites when he needs to calm down, and Eames keeps creating and giving him viruses because he needs to break down his firewall. It would be called Love Bytes. Because I am the lamest lame that ever lamed.

Bad idea I totally want to write #2: The AU where Arthur is the frustrated crime reporter for the local small town newspaper, and Eames, after being called out for excessive unpaid speeding tickets, and an inappropriate comment about how he likes things fast slipped passed the editor, keeps committing crimes petty crimes to get Arthur to pay attention to him again.

Dear lord I need a nap.
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15 September 2010 @ 02:00 am
be my what, my open and shut, my everything but, my little hot slut  
Yes, it is almost 2AM.

Yes, I have to get up at 6AM.

No, I do not have all the homework due tomorrow today done.

No, that's not the point of this post.

The POINT is that I have a Very Important Question!

Will you all please talk me out of attempting to write this prompt at the Inception kink meme? Especially since I'm already toying with the idea of a total AU where Eames has an awesome daughter who is awesome (and like Rachel on (500) days, for people who get that reference) and Arthur is her teacher and they FALL IN LOVE? Please?

Okay, clearly, I've lied and, in fact, have way more than one question.

I also need opinions on whether or not it would be cheating to take this prompt here and use it to WRITE ALL THE CLICHES. Does it count if it's a 5 times fic?

As I said: Important questions! Now, important sleep!
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13 August 2010 @ 06:32 pm
it's gettin' critical  
cut for the not-fun kind of flailing about school, nerding out over computer specs, and ranting about course required software. You're welcome. )

The bakery story is now at around 4100 words and I've started to hate it. This is why I don't write long things. I know where it needs to go, and I know the steps I need to hit along the way, but I can't seem to get it there, and it's extremely frustrating. I'd try to work on something else for a while, but I know myself well enough to know that I'd never go back to it.

I don't know what to do. Stupid writing. Why so hard? (That's what she said)

I also have ridiculous cracked out ideas for Inception fic. Including, I will admit, an AU where they are wedding planners. Apparently my brain has decided to rot itself with crack and fluff. Like I wasn't doing a good enough job at rotting it with terrible reality television or something.

The other Inception idea is... still AU, but much more complicated and way less fun. They turn a profit by putting people in video game scenarios of their (the clients) choosing! Rich people paying an obscene amount of money to dream themselves into a live action version of their favorite game! Mostly it would center around Arthur being a badass shooting people and zombies and Eames being all: ♥___♥ You were a little left of center on that one, darling. And Arthur being all: I'm going to let them eat you, I swear to god. And Eames being all: ♥___♥ Nonsense, you like to use that weapon far too much. And Ariadne being all: Which weapon is that? While looking at his pants, because I can't resist a dick joke. Then they have to solve a RL assassination plot while in a video game.

Possibly I should study video games for that one? Or I should just forget it all together, because, omg hard.

Probably, what I am going to do now is take a nap.
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09 July 2010 @ 09:55 pm
dancing through life...  
Sometimes, even I question my purchases. For instance, I have returned home with leg warmers.

My mother insists that I must dance in them, but I don't see that leading anywhere except the ER.

Now I have things I need to be productive about, like, you know, homework. And I need to get the FAQ up and running for [ profile] mixmadness, because we're gonna try and get the ball rolling on this on Sunday. So start sorting! Put it on your calendars! I'm totally putting this here so I'll actually get it done by then!

Of course, since I've read pretty much every Puck/Kurt fic on the internet that wasn't MPREG or a WIP, I've started on a mission to read every Kurt/Mike fic, and that's... well, really not that time consuming, they are not half as popular a pairing.

Also, I may or may not be plotting out a historically inaccurate film noir AU. Um. Maybe.
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20 June 2010 @ 09:28 pm
important things of import!  
  • Yesterday, I went to see a stage production of The Wizard of Oz, and now I want to write a Glee/Wizard of Oz fusion, because Glee has eaten my brain. (Kurt is Dorthy, and he's very bitter about the entire endeavor, ok, those shoes to not go with his purse bag. And his head trauma has apparently decided to ignore canon, because even in his own fantasy, Dorthy and Finn the Scarecrow don't get together.)

  • And also the fic where Puck and Mr. Schue bond while practicing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

  • I made it home, btw, from my epic trip of epic driving aloneness. The driving part of decidedly unadventurous. Driving through Tennessee and Arkansas is boring.

  • [ profile] musesfool made the mistake of pointing me toward [ profile] schmoop_bingo. Here is my card. BEHOLD. )

  • I'm, uh, gonna need you all to talk me out of also signing up for the [ profile] hc_bingo. KTHX.
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31 May 2010 @ 11:59 pm
cause another brother notice me  
I love my family, but by god they are exhausting.

I've um, spent the majority of the night watching Glee clips to recuperate. Well, it started out that way, and then quickly devolved into watching clips from interviews and behind the scene things. Now, aside from my sudden and ridiculous ZOMG PUCK/KURT 4EVA OTP OMG thing I've developed, I uh... look Chris Colfer is just a baby. I want to take him home and feed him cookies and tell him what an awesome kid he is, ok.

...Mark Salling, on the other hand, I, uh, may be considering for my J2 country singer AU. He's from Dallas! He listens very carefully in interviews! He constantly says, "Yes, ma'am."

Just think! Jensen's laughing, kinda rough from all the smoke in the room, and Jared can't help but smile at the way it makes his eyes crinkle. At how happy he looks coming off the stage, like a different person altogether. He speaks now with a drawl in his voice he didn't have before, like "The Weight" lifted a weight off of him. Left him stronger, more relaxed, more confident. Happier.

The noise in the background gives Jared a valid excuse to lean in closer than he probably should, curving his spine under the pretense of not being able to hear Jensen's order--like he hasn't been drinking the same thing all night. "On me," Jared says, and hopes that Chad chokes on that fucking peanut he inhales at what he calls Jared's Lady-I'd-Treat-You-Right smile, despite the fact that Jared hasn't used it on a lady since he was a junior in high school. "For playing a song I didn't mind hearing," he adds, like he has no idea who Chad is, or any feelings one way or another on his possibly imminent death.

Jensen laughs, leaning in, fingers wrapping around the neck of Bud Light Jared's extending, when, naturally, Mark gets up on stage.

Mark plays the guitar like he's bleeding it. He doesn't sing so much as croon. He doesn't look at the crowd so much as smolder at it.

Mark is Jared's sworn enemy. Well, at least on open mic night.

::clears throat:: As you were
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05 April 2010 @ 02:00 am
this is relevant to your interests  
Hey! Look! A post not about either of those dudes in that movie about the detective and his doctor friend!


And now that you've seen that video, I suspect you can appreciate how very, very much I need a country singer J2 AU in my life. If you can't, well, I just don't know what to do with you. All the bars! And the guitar playing! And the pining and the singing and the calluses and the singing and the UST and the cheap beer and the hats and the tight jeans and the songs about heartbreak and the LOVE.

Please, please, please, please. I want. OMG. Please, fandom, please. Can I have it, please?

::makes grabby hands::
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21 March 2010 @ 04:11 pm
lost the plot again  
Why do I always get the best story ideas when I absolutely have no time to write them? When I have, oh, homework I avoided doing for an entire week? And like, big bangs. And Remix getting ready to go live! AND REMIX IS LIVE. GO SIGN UP NOW.

The notes I made about this idea are as follows: "Utopian paradise, 60s living with 20s glamor, underground music scenes, high-tech security, fake relationships, false security."

Will see if that makes any sense to me at all when I actually manage to find time to do it.

Oh, my life, so hard.

Although, I suppose it would totally work as a bandom big bang, no? I was kind of thinking of attempting the "disaster town AU" for this year, where Pete is mayor because everyone running against him died mysteriously, but not like that, it's actually kind of common in Disaster Town. The streets are named, "Not This Place Again PL" and "The One You Should Have Turned On" and "Last Chance BLVD." Vicky the retired porn star lives just down the street, and she'll see you at church on Sunday, where Pastor Gabe's sermon is sure to move you. Also, there would be some sort of, IDK, plot line.

Plot is always sort of my undoing in these things.

I also have a very, very short Holmes fic in a notebook, that I should totally type out at some point, except it will end up being something entirely different, I think, once I do that.
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30 January 2010 @ 11:36 pm
oh, I am all over this  
Forget saving me from myself, I need saving from [ profile] musesfool

I want this so bad, I could die.
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07 December 2009 @ 02:41 pm
like a boss  
Two finals down! Just two more and a research paper to go!

... Right after a nap. Mmm sleep. Tasty, tasty sleep.

If I had time to write fic right now, I'd totally be writing the story of Bradley drunkenly challenging people to sword fights to protect Colin's honor. Colin can't figure out how he's gotten stuck with Bradley, and Bradley can't figure out where his bloody gloves keep disappearing to.

Seriously though, I am napping like a boss. You know you're jealous. Like a boss.
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15 September 2009 @ 03:36 pm
ain't as bright as a star I found  
I think school is trying to kill my soul. At the very least my will to live is being threatened. I've got a test tomorrow, one on Friday on a chapter we haven't actually gone over in class(along with a group project that's due in that class), two exams Monday (Intro to Psych and History), a "take home exam" due that day in Comp, as well as my weekly hellish paper for Humanities, and, oh yes, a Humanities test on Wednesday, where--among many, many other things--I have to be able to identify the period of ancient Greek architecture, and many other paintings and sculptures by culture and period.

I don't think I want to play anymore, frankly.

Saturday my mom and I are going to go see Momma Mia (for Humanities!) and, frankly, I'm pretty sure I'd rather go see Jennifer's Body.

Saturday is also when new Merlin episodes start, so I fully expect to come home and be able to ::cough:: watch it. I'm so excited it's stupid! I don't know. I want to write Merlin fic, but a) do not have time, and b) only have a vague idea of what it could be about. That's a lie. I've got a really good idea for one, I just don't have the skill required to pull it off. Which is sort of a bummer, frankly.

I've also got an idea I'm sort of in love with for a Spencer/Brendon fic, (time traveling solvers of crime (in love)!) but [ profile] prettykitty_aya pointed out some flaws in my plan. Not the least of which was that it would require plot, and, well, see above, re: skill, lack thereof. I've totally got the beginning of a Spencer/Brendon fic sitting around, which I kind of want to finish because it has fun things like fake!boyfriends and mocking Pete Wentz (lovingly!), but I probably never will, because, again with the plot thing. Stupid plot.

At some point I would like to write more Being Human fic, if for no other reason than because it is a travesty that there is not more Annie/Mitchell/George fic out there in the world. They are adorable! Watch that show and write me Annie/Mitchell/George, people! [ profile] musesfool nearly has me talked into doing yuletide this year just so I can request some of that action. Well, and Middleman/Wendy Watson fic.

My ships are not other people's ships, and this makes me sad.
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