04 July 2008 @ 10:15 pm
put your peace sign up, then put your index down  
Um. Hi.

I have lots, bunches, tons that I could say about Warped Tour '08 in Boner Park Bonner Springs, KS, but I think I will sum it up with: OMGOMGOMGTAI! OMG COBRA! COBRA FUCKING STARSHIP OMG OMG GYM CLASS OMG SUNBURN OMG RAIN OMG MERCH OMG WHO DOESN'T TAKE VISA OMG STORM OMG BILL BECKETT!

Wait, no, I lied.

I will also say: seriously, Cobra Starship made me do stupid dance moves. Bill Beckett, in person, is so adorable I kind of want to keep him forever and ever, and I might not even judge him for his taste in girls jeans. I have never in my life tried so hard, while absolutely dripping-water-soaking-wet, to talk people into just going with me and driving for, oh, 8-10 hours straight to see the same thing we just saw.

So many great things. Nate playing with TAI! Beckett and Travie coming on for Bring It! Peace sign up, index down! Beckett being adorable and letting a little girl cut in line. And, you know, being adorable. Why, oh why did I always boggle at the love for him before? Possibly I love his haircut.

Possibly, maybe, there is a chance, that I just fucking love every single ounce of bandom canon.

Also: I can't wait for Warped Tour '09
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