15 September 2009 @ 03:36 pm
ain't as bright as a star I found  
I think school is trying to kill my soul. At the very least my will to live is being threatened. I've got a test tomorrow, one on Friday on a chapter we haven't actually gone over in class(along with a group project that's due in that class), two exams Monday (Intro to Psych and History), a "take home exam" due that day in Comp, as well as my weekly hellish paper for Humanities, and, oh yes, a Humanities test on Wednesday, where--among many, many other things--I have to be able to identify the period of ancient Greek architecture, and many other paintings and sculptures by culture and period.

I don't think I want to play anymore, frankly.

Saturday my mom and I are going to go see Momma Mia (for Humanities!) and, frankly, I'm pretty sure I'd rather go see Jennifer's Body.

Saturday is also when new Merlin episodes start, so I fully expect to come home and be able to ::cough:: watch it. I'm so excited it's stupid! I don't know. I want to write Merlin fic, but a) do not have time, and b) only have a vague idea of what it could be about. That's a lie. I've got a really good idea for one, I just don't have the skill required to pull it off. Which is sort of a bummer, frankly.

I've also got an idea I'm sort of in love with for a Spencer/Brendon fic, (time traveling solvers of crime (in love)!) but [ profile] prettykitty_aya pointed out some flaws in my plan. Not the least of which was that it would require plot, and, well, see above, re: skill, lack thereof. I've totally got the beginning of a Spencer/Brendon fic sitting around, which I kind of want to finish because it has fun things like fake!boyfriends and mocking Pete Wentz (lovingly!), but I probably never will, because, again with the plot thing. Stupid plot.

At some point I would like to write more Being Human fic, if for no other reason than because it is a travesty that there is not more Annie/Mitchell/George fic out there in the world. They are adorable! Watch that show and write me Annie/Mitchell/George, people! [ profile] musesfool nearly has me talked into doing yuletide this year just so I can request some of that action. Well, and Middleman/Wendy Watson fic.

My ships are not other people's ships, and this makes me sad.
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12 June 2008 @ 07:59 pm
your mouth is like fire and I want to put my fingers to the flame  
Hey, hey, hey, you know what is like stupidly hard? PLOT.

Oh, god, I always forget what a bastard plot is. How do I forget?

It's like me and Jose all over again, man.

Like, you know, it burns a little a first, and then it starts to go a little smoother, and then it's even fun, for a while. Really fun.

Next thing you know your head is pounding, your stomach turns, you've got bruises in funny places and it won't return your calls.


Also: my foot is asleep.

Also: I am in love with [ profile] we_are_cities prompts. Like, really, all of them.

Also: I haven't completely abandoned the idea of deleting this whole thing and writing 10,000 words of sex!pollen fic or something else completely plotless.

Also: I really think that would show Plot, that bastard.
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18 December 2005 @ 04:31 pm
please, fellow ljers, let this be known as a line I will not cross  
Sunday three four!

(1) I had a dream that Anderson Cooper was whatshisname* that wrote Stealing Harry and ordered, from a red sweatshirt that said, 'The children are waiting' in sequins. As decoration on a sequin tree. And, I respected him for it.

(2) This really, really must stop.

(3) And I need to catch up on the second year of Lancoon's Children, for I fear I am way behind.

(4) Also, unrelated to all of the above, someone should really be reminding me that I can't write plot. Because my sesa thinks it's going to be all plotty, and Peter thinks he's going to get an absurd amount of story time, and Remus just thinks this is the exact same story I just wrote, only with a different location. Goddamn it.

* Yes, yes, I should know his name. Sam something, I think? To be fair, I couldn't tell you who writes [ profile] shoebox either and that's the only other WIP I will follow.
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