30 December 2005 @ 03:34 am
the moral to the story goes  
1) 'Lo, but I am drugged right now. I am a pansy arse pill taker, let me tell you.
2) Like This, He Smiled - Remus/James - 100 words
3) I'm writing interest drabbles sick and drugged and seven months late. Well, I wrote two.
4) This Is Not a Ghost Story - Harry/Draco - 100 words
5) ::sneezes::
6) I have fallen in love with poetry again just now. Bad Poetry (A Love Poem)
7) My new headphones are uncomfortable.
8) I feel that I deserve J.D./Dr. Cox fic. I think you should all get on that right now, please.
9) My tissue box has a crocheted couch covering it. There aren't words for how much I need to move out of my grandparent's house.
10) poem for the maybes
      there are jealousy plays, kiss-me-i'm-lonelys, a boy with things to say
      and no one to understand them, you with no one to understand. you have
      fumbled for fascinating answers to smalltalk questions from a girl you only want
      in order to drive the girl you love as mad as she's driven you.

      and you will, and you will,
      smudge the line between maybe and yes--it's something about knowing.
      maybes are not afraid of the dark. maybes do not have favorite colors.
      maybes have freckles, tequila breath, guilt, a pair of shoes
      that, when you see them again on someone else, will make you pause. "don't"
      in the air they exhale, or "in four decades, when we are old
      and have forgotten one another and met again"

10 a) This needs George Michael/Maeby fic. It does.
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