05 December 2005 @ 11:42 pm
oh, world, how you confuse me...  
In the past little over 24 hours I have gotten tworeviews for a story that I wrote, I kid you not, three years ago. The publication date according to The Place I Shall Not Name, was 12-3-02. Both reviews had nitpicks. I stopped watching the show... Oh, lord, ages ago. Can't stand to look at the damn thing at all. And randomly, two reviews.

But the things I wrote there weeks ago? (I'm guess I wrote something around three weeks ago, who can really say for sure but LJ, and I'm not looking.) Nadda.

There's just not enough what the fuck in the world sometimes.

This isn't a compliant, so much as it's me being baffled.

So why can't I write? What is wrong with me? Arg. Arg and ack and alack. And no, no this post isn't going to make any sense is it? On the upside, I love any chance I get to use this icon.
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Current Mood: confused