30 May 2010 @ 06:22 pm
remix...redux 8 fic  
Remix authors were revealed today! Due to extreme laziness, I probably will not be reposting mine here. But, for those interested, a fake lj-cut header!

title: The City Is at War (The Can't Stop the Music Mix)
original story: The City Is at War by [ profile] marksykins
fandom: bandom
rating: general audiences
summary: "I had a dream," Gabe said, only halfway to serious, pointing a finger to the sky, "where a cobra from the future visited me and told me that it was our duty to take the music back. To take it all back, consequences be damned. Cause it may be the end of the world, motherfuckers, but I'm throwing the motherfucking party."

( No one remembers when The Takeover began. )

Random commentary and note things: behind the real cut )
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23 May 2010 @ 10:13 pm
breathing up the oxygen  

This year was really weird, for me. I knew right off the bat what story I wanted to do. I think it was maybe the third story I looked it, and it was never going to be any other after that. The original fic is great, with a fantastic concept I was just hoping to do justice to. ♥

And the story written for me! Two Aces (the Hold'em remix)! It's a remix of 52 Pickup--the one Sam/Dean story my crazy OTP shipper heart has ever been able to write. Oh, man, and it has some fantastic lines and great turns of phrase and general awesomeness. ♥♥♥

And, seriously guys, I'm a little bit in love with AO3. They are amazing and totally took care of us anytime we needed a hand. A++

You should all go check out the stories in the collection and let the authors know if you like what you see.

Remix! YAY!
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12 May 2010 @ 10:44 pm
panic! panic and not at the disco! And also unexpected awesomeness.  

2. There is a bug in my room and it is freaking me out a lot. A lot lot. Possibly more than Remix, you guys.

3. My grades were posted today! I managed to keep my 4.0! I am so stupidly excited by this, you guys! So crazy stupidly excited!

4. Yet another teacher informed me that they think I should switch majors. I... am not sure how I feel about this.
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08 April 2010 @ 01:37 pm
wait until the room stops  
We've had some changes to the dates for Remix, in case you haven't seen the news yet.

Last night I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was, as advertised, fantastic. It was adorable and hilarious. And I'm probably going to start telling people from now on, "I'm listening to you, and I value your advice; but I'm going to ignore it."

After that I spent entirely too many hours trying to figure out what book I could find "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot in, only to eventually just give up, pick the cheap one and hope for the best. But I'm still not sure I'm ready to forgive the internet for letting me down so hard. Bad internet! No cookie!

Then I had weird dreams. First, that my History teacher decided we needed to learn Spanish... so she brought in my Humanities teacher to do that. Somehow, the resulting homework was to describe the artists rendering of Frank Iero, so, you know, it wasn't all bad.

After that was some sort of sitcom with Marshall from HIMYM and Zoe Saldana, who I have absolutely never seen in anything. There was sledding, accidental nudity, and Zoe Saldana being not so secretly in love with her roommate Marshall, who had been her BFF since they were kids. But Marshall wasn't getting the hint. Adorkably. I really don't even know.
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25 March 2010 @ 07:29 pm
sorry we said "fuck" so much  
Last night at Wal-Mart, I saw this movie I thought I would have to add to my Netflix list. Something about a police officer who handcuffs and murders girls, and his police buddies cover it up, even though everyone knows he's doing it. So one girl goes and gets "protection" from... Basically when he kills her she becomes a zombie! And all the other girls he'd killed become zombies! That's what the back of the thing said, so I'm not considering these spoilers. I haven't seen it. Anyway, I thought I would have to add this to my list, got home, and managed to go completely and totally blank on the title of this movie. It's sort of driving me nuts. It may, in fact, drive me to the store to look it up again, tomorrow, unless any of you have ever heard of it?

I ended up watching "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" last night. Because, you know, RDJ. Whatever. It was really cute. Reminded me of Veronica Mars, in a lot of ways, with the kind of... modern day noir. It was also hilarious, without being totally gross, the way most things seem to have to be these days. For the record, I'm not at all comfortable with how old saying things like "these days" makes me feel. Not at all. Either way. I enjoyed the movie.

My head is killing me today, so instead of doing homework, I've spent pretty much all waking hours in a cool, dark room with the lights off. Thus far, it has been far less helpful than doctors would have me believe. As a bonus, my mom has one of my nieces, and it's the one who only communicates by screaming. Awesome.

[ profile] musesfool went through the list, and found we still, really, really, really need people to sign up who qualify in these fandoms to sign up for Remix. So if you haven't signed up, you should totally do that now. And tell all your friends to do the same. Especially if you qualify in one of the fandoms on the list, there.

Now, I'm going to go back to hiding under the covers and awaiting merciful death. Or a chance to watch tonight's ALL NEW Supernatural.
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22 March 2010 @ 11:45 pm
times like these, I need a 'GTFO' icon  
The fact that there is apparently a debate about what I think should be one of a few very basic human rights is sort of making me want to foam at the mouth. I am just not even kidding. I don't think moving out of state would manage to cut down my extreme levels of rage enough. I need a new country entirely.

But I'm keeping my damn president, thank you.

God, I hate Oklahoma.

In less rage-y news, in case you've missed it, REMIX 8 IS LIVE. And you should not only sign-up, but also tell your friends to do the same. Spread the word. Get your fandom represented, and all that jazz. I thik this year is going to be awesome.
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16 February 2010 @ 06:41 pm
I really kind of give up on today  

Tonight: homework and laundry.

Now, in the midst of remixy admin things, I've been slowly, slowly, slowly moving things over to AO3 because it'll make things neater and easier for whoever gets stuck with me. I realized, during this, that I am ONE story away from actually qualifying in bandom. Oops.

Since there are a couple of weeks until sign-ups begin, I've decided this is a fixable thing. In fact, if there is any fandom you want to qualify in, I would say to you, as well, you still have time to qualify. (For fandom qualifying discussion, of course, go here.) So, I'm taking drabble prompts for currently qualifying fandoms, fandoms we're considering, and a couple of fandoms that will only make it in my wildest dreams (alas, Merlin RPF, alas!).

Please, give me drabble prompts for bandom, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, White Collar, Psych, Sports Night, Good Omnes, Firefly, Supernatural RPF, and/or Merlin RPF.

And now, a poll:

[Poll #1526455]
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14 February 2010 @ 07:39 pm
shut up, I'm totally doing homework  
If any of you guys have missed and are interested, Remix 8 has been announced. There's a post up now in the [ profile] remixers_lounge where you can nominated/support fandoms to be added. Go forth and... do that.

I... am going to do homework. Possibly this is all I will ever be able to do again.
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29 July 2009 @ 02:02 am
fic: ain't scared of lightning (the beer by beer remix) - spn rps - j2  
I have painted the hallway, and between that and Wii boxing I may not be able to move at all tomorrow, because I am so very, very out of shape. Ow.

I have listened to New Perspective no less than 40 times, and Changes once. I'm trying really hard not to be mad at Ryan Ross for, you know, deciding it would be a good idea to release these things the same day. It's only kind of working, so I've decided to get back to him when New Perspective loses it's shine.

It might take a while, I'll admit.

The other remix story I wrote! A pinch hit for [ profile] luzdeestrellas though lord knows I'm not fond of her or anything. Nor am I in anyway grateful for always being able to send her all kinds of ridiculous things about tiny emo boys whose names I bet she wishes she didn't know.

This one was hard to write just because Laura and I tend to write in pretty much the same style (which is probably why her beta-fu works for me so often?) so to try and do it differently was challenging. Plus it was a fandom that, though I've wanted to do for ages, I never actually had. This original, seriously, has one of my very favorite lines ever in J2 fic. It still makes me all "guuuh" after a hell of a lot of reads and stealing it for this one.

Title: Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix)
Summary: If you want to drown yourself in it like it'll replace drowning yourself in him, well, it can be your best kept secret.
Rating: PG
Fandom: SPN RPF
Original Story: Ain't Scared of Lightning by [ profile] luzdeestrellas
Notes: Lots of thanks to [ profile] musesfool for all her help, and betaing, and coming up with the remix subtitling, and making the ending not suck.

Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix) )
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27 July 2009 @ 01:56 pm
fic: separation anxiety (the zombie apocalypse remix) - spn - bandom - gen  
Remix authors aren't secret anymore (yay!) so now I can say that I wrote Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix) and Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix).

The remix for my story, of course, was written by [ profile] musesfool who had the fun task of taking 300 words about boys being locked in a closet and making it into a real story. It's so many kinds of awesome and, like the originals of the remixes I wrote, should be read like yesterday.

This here is the first remix I wrote this year, with my actual assignment. I think my favorite part of remix is getting to roll around in someone else's fic for a couple of week, and usually the hardest part for me is picking one. This one, I don't know why, was just it so early on. It's nothing like I had actually planned on making it, but things I write rarely are. Anyway, story:

Title: Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix)
Author: [ profile] angelgazing
Summary: It's just typical. Anytime he and Sam are separated, one of them dies, or sells their soul, or is nearly sacrificed, or starts the apocalypse.
Fandom: Supernatural; Bandom
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester, Brendon Urie
Rating: PG-13
Original Story: Forty Thousand Men and Women Every Day by [ profile] ignipes
Notes: Thanks to my awesomesauce betas [ profile] luzdeestrellas and [ profile] musesfool, they deserve rewards for al the flailing they have to put up with from me, really. Also, credit for the title goes to [ profile] musesfool

Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix) )
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20 July 2009 @ 03:53 am
this is the awesome part of remix, you guys  
I'm sure you all already know that [ profile] remixredux09 is live now, right? Right?

Did you know that, uh, someone, remixed the very first Supernatural drabble I ever did? And made it into, like, an actual story and not just boys locked in a closet bickering? Well, I mean, there is that too, but that's probably because Sam and Dean should always be in closets together. I might make it a new rule. One Minute at a Time (Blast From the Past Remix) is the where you can find it. And you really should. Really.

I haven't had a chance to look at anything else yet, because math homework decided to eat my entire day, but I can't wait to get my hands on all of it. Plus, this was the first year for bandom and other RPF fandoms, so it's kind of exciting for that, as well.

Remix! Yay!

I wrote two this year by the way. I wonder if anyone can guess which ones they were? lol
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12 July 2009 @ 02:19 am
my heart won't stay entirely in this ribcage  
Panic(!) drama and heartbreak lead to me tripping and skinning my knee on a new fandom.

JFC, why did I not listen to you all about Merlin sooner? Like I don't have a well documented weakness for gay wizards or something. So adorable! So OTPable!

The new clip and Brendon Urie's voice continue to leave me with hearts in my eyes though, so I don't think I'll be leaving that behind anytime soon. I can't really express my joy for either of those things outside of flapping hand gestures and itunes play counts.

I haven't had a chance to even glance at my f-list, really, between remix and homework, so I'm sorry if I've missed something important. You should totally tell me what it is though.

But, but, it is July 12th, which means remix is due before 11:59EST tonight. If you aren't going to be able to post your story by then--and as long as it's complete, even if you're waiting on your beta to get back to you, by all means post it now--please, please, for the love of god LET US KNOW. remixredux @ gmail . com The archive is supposed to go live next Sunday (which means you have until then to edit your post, once it's up and approved) but it won't happen until everyone who turned in a story has one of their own.

REMIX! I fear Vic's pokey stick and so should you!
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07 July 2009 @ 02:03 am
things have changed for me  
Bandom Panic Bandom; a list:
1) I spent a ridiculous amount of time listening to That Green Gentleman on repeat tonight.
2) I've decided that Alex Greenwald is a home wrecker.
3) I... totally of want that fic, though, so it can't be all bad. Jon/Ryan/Alex? Or, or, better Jon/Ryan/Alex/Greta!
4) Everything little thing is gonna be alright.
5) Seriously I'm not sure what makes it better, how amazing Brendon sounds, or how much that's the song he chose to sing, or the way Spencer posted it to twitter, because it was all kind of exactly what I needed.

Not Bandom; a shorter list:
1) I got a 97% on my math test last Wednesday! That means I've actually got an A in that class!
2) I am shocked! Shocked and terrified that I will manage to screw it up!
4) How are you all doing on that, anyway? Waiting 'til the last minute? Down to the wire? Freaked out and no idea where to turn? LAY IT ON ME, I AM HERE TO ASSIST.
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25 June 2009 @ 03:17 pm
you say it's not worth it...  
Things wot are awesome:
Grilled cheese sandwiches that are toasted just just right.
It being my Friday, at least as far as classes are concerned!
My sparkly shoes for the wedding
Diet Dr. Pepper
Not waking up at 6:30 in the morning
My plans for my remix

Things wot are not awesome:
Insurmountable amounts of homework.
My heel slipping out the back of my sparkly shoes for the wedding every time I take a step
Waking up at 6:45 in the morning
All the things I have to do this weekend, most of which are not homework related
All my friends going to see the new Transformers with their boyfriends/husbands, leaving me with no one to drag along
The fact that due to my horribly codependent relationship with my beta, I can no longer be trusted to proofread anything on my own.
This stupid research paper I just wrote, and I don't even care.
Not having time to write my remix
"emo" not being in my lj mood theme
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15 June 2009 @ 03:23 pm
the swan doesn't remember the last song it sings  
I have pretty much 100% for sure figured out what story I'll be remixing for my original assignment. I'm crazy excited about it for two reasons 1) because, omg, really, the original is so awesome and 2) usually I don't figure this out until about, uh, you know, two days before the story is due.

I've done 4 out of 6 algebra assignments that are Wednesday, and the last two are chapters we haven't covered yet, so mostly I look at the questions like this: o.O I have my first test in that class Wednesday and absolutely no clue how I'm going to pass it, like, for real. I'm baffled.

Also, like, every single program on my computer has decided it needed to be updated this weekend, which meant I just spent half an hour deleting tool bars I didn't want added. Why, why, why do these things think I would be wiling to search with anything besides google?

Now, I just need to figure out how to start this remix, and, you know, get ready for class.
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13 June 2009 @ 04:04 am
rah rah rah  
Remix assignment are out! I'm crazy excited about mine and SO SHOULD YOU BE.

I am less excited about the vast amounts of math homework I have to do this weekend, but, you know, that's probably to be expected.

Now, for real, I am going to sleep.
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31 May 2009 @ 11:58 pm
woo and also oot!  


I am, as always, completely stoked, you guys. Go! Sign up! Tell all your friends to sign up! Remix! With rps.

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28 April 2009 @ 10:01 pm
you told me this gets harder [well, it did]  
Remix/Redux 7: Do You Feel Lucky is currently in the works, with possible changes afoot.

You can go here, to vote in the poll. With a high enough response, we can get bandom included this year.

Come on now, I've been begging for months, all you've got to do is vote. Well, ok, and send other people to vote too. Bandom! Remix!

So excited!
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27 April 2008 @ 08:30 pm
fic: you're gonna be the one who saves me (the oasis remix) - spn - gen  
YAY! [ profile] remixredux08 author's have been revealed! Thanks bunches and bunches to [ profile] leiascully for the lovely story that I got. ::grins:: Now, for archiving.

title: You're Gonna Be the One Who Saves Me (the Oasis Remix)
author: [ profile] angelgazing
summary: No point in chasing down people who don't want to be saved.
rating: PG
fandom: Supernatural
original story: No One You Can Save Who Can't Be Saved by [ profile] black_regalia
notes: Big, big, big thanks to [ profile] luzdeestrellas, [ profile] sleepismyfriend and [ profile] musesfool for everything.

You're Gonna Be the One Who Saves Me (the Oasis Remix) )

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20 April 2008 @ 09:39 am
reinvent love part II  
1) OMG my remix Love, love and hearts and such. It's... I really have no words.
2) Big, big thanks to [ profile] musesfool for suffering again this year, for this moment.
3) Went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. It made me miss Veronica Mars.
4) Got pulled over on the way there for going 51 in a 35 (a charge I still deny!)
5) But got out of a ticket! Because the cop knew one of the other people in the car!
6) Really, really though, I cannot say this enough: OMG REMIX.
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