16 February 2010 @ 06:41 pm
I really kind of give up on today  

Tonight: homework and laundry.

Now, in the midst of remixy admin things, I've been slowly, slowly, slowly moving things over to AO3 because it'll make things neater and easier for whoever gets stuck with me. I realized, during this, that I am ONE story away from actually qualifying in bandom. Oops.

Since there are a couple of weeks until sign-ups begin, I've decided this is a fixable thing. In fact, if there is any fandom you want to qualify in, I would say to you, as well, you still have time to qualify. (For fandom qualifying discussion, of course, go here.) So, I'm taking drabble prompts for currently qualifying fandoms, fandoms we're considering, and a couple of fandoms that will only make it in my wildest dreams (alas, Merlin RPF, alas!).

Please, give me drabble prompts for bandom, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, White Collar, Psych, Sports Night, Good Omnes, Firefly, Supernatural RPF, and/or Merlin RPF.

And now, a poll:

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