07 January 2006 @ 09:13 pm
the prompt trading post  
Howdy, y'all, and welcome to Getting Good: The Prompt Trading Post! come on in and take a peak at the rules. Just remember, kiddies: ain't no harm in bartering for what you want.

     Everything here is simple enough, you want something you give something for it. Just like it was back when, before the times of cash monies. Only with fic, because the world loves it, really, it just hasn't learned proper yet. You comment here, and I'll give you a prompt--could be anything, a phrase, a quote, a picture, lyrics, a song--and you write something for this prompt. Then, when that's all done, you post either the story or a link to it here, along with a prompt of your very own. Once some business pops up, you can roam around, write for a prompt someone else gives. And you may be thinkin', 'But Ma, this ain't no different than all the others is' and you'd be wrong. Cause around here, you write for a prompt, you get to leave a prompt. Any kind of prompt you want.

The rules are simple enough: anything goes but stealing. You can write any fandom, slash, het, gen, rps, fps, g, pg, fan rated adult only, that rating that Hollywood thinks fan writers have stolen from them, crossovers, original fiction, 100 words, 1,000 words, 10,000 words-- I think you get the gist. Any prompt you see lying around is game to play with, though do please try to respect the views, opinions and likes of the prompter, and prompters, always thank your promptees!

Really now, the only rules are this: You gotta write for a prompt to leave a prompt. And you gotta play nice with the others.

So, let's go friends, have some fun.
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21 December 2005 @ 08:01 pm
if nobody's watching, I might take you home  
You know, I've tried to think of a weak more consistently craptastic year after year that this one, and nothing comes to mind. God, the week before Christmas needs to be stricken from the calendar. Just wait until I am in power. Just. You. Wait.

So, good things, yeah? Cause who doesn't need those (warning, warning, I have a political agenda opinion):

(1) I am getting Serenity for Christmas. Oh, oh, yes I am.
(2) Joss Whedon has a kick ass article in TVGuide, which is probably online somewhere, but I'm too lazy to look for it. ("67 percent of all television will be CSI-based")
(3) I had hot chocolate with french vanilla cappuccino in it today. Yummy.
(4) Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, oh he of "No!" had a bill defeated today that was widely expected to pass before he tacked on to it. His douchebaggery* makes his defeats so sweet for me.
(5) WinAmp is playing all the song I love, right in a row, without my prompting. Hmmm music.
(6) I finished my sesa, and as such, all writing assignments with due dates for this year. Though I may have offered to pinch-hit. There were conditions to that. :p

* Ignoring his politics, even. This is about the man and his, well, douchebaggery. I've got no patience for people who refuse to listen to the opinions of those around them. I've got no patience for men who think they are ruler and king. He's the one who refused to listen to motions (notice the plural) to swear in oil execs. It wasn't even that he refused to do it, with his 25 year pet project of ANWR drilling, that makes my skin crawl like it does. It's that he refused to listen to the motions of other Senate members who wanted the oil execs to take an oath.**

** Obviously, you should all just vote me ruler of the universe. I promise to surround myself with smart people and pretty, pretty boys and smart people who disagree with me. There will be high speed internet and itty bitty cute puppies and cookies for all. Now wouldn't that be a lovely world?
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12 November 2005 @ 01:30 am
All the TV that I Have Loved  
The bad news for Arrested Development keeps on coming.

This has prompted a very serious discussion between [ profile] musesfool and myself. And by "very serious discussion" I mean, I've been whining, and then decided to just take a brand new action.

Yes. I've decided that action must be taken, please attempt to contain your surprise. I have decided that I must start a TV channel for all my favorite dead, canceled-before-their-time shows. I'm not just talking reruns, because that's been done, man. I'm talking brand new episodes of Firefly, spanking new Arrested Development until it stops making me laugh for hours (we're not here to talk nonsense to Bob Loblaw), a resolution to Miracles, more wacky, snarktastic adventures in Wonderfalls! This might be my new goal in life, people. My lost loves, no longer lost, running back to back, until I say so.

[ profile] musesfool, however, detected a problem. I cannot run an entire network on four shows. I need more. So I beg you, LJ, give me your weak, give me your loved, give me your cult-like fandoms with shiny new bows. You've got an opinion on this, I know you do.

Everyone's got a show they loved that's gone now. Everyone's got a show that only they watched. Tell me what it is. I've got network building to do.

[Poll #610722]

Thank you for your input, please feel free to give me any other thoughts you comments you may have, and make sure to pass it around so your friends will tell me too. We don't want anyone missing out on this ground breaking opportunity to help build a network by the unrepresented masses for the unrepresented masses.

* The second, third, fourth and so on will be put in comments.
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