23 February 2010 @ 01:22 pm
I'm not tortured; how are you ever going to relate?  
I need a zombie icon, for all I talk about them.

I don't suppose any one of you can explain postmodernism to me in small words that would be acceptable to use in a speech class? It's a big concept to try and simplify, I think. The metaphors, the reason that zombies are fucking scary--I got that. I can simplify that for a general audience. It's the postmodern concepts that tie in that I'm having issues with.

Of course, when am I ever not having issues?

Bah, and also humbug.

Have the beginning of my Brendon/Spencer zombie apocalypse AU that I wrote, and then decided failed as a beginning. I'm not giving up on the story, I'm just giving up on this part of it. I think. I promise to shut up about zombies soon.

The Beginning is Here )
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29 July 2009 @ 02:02 am
fic: ain't scared of lightning (the beer by beer remix) - spn rps - j2  
I have painted the hallway, and between that and Wii boxing I may not be able to move at all tomorrow, because I am so very, very out of shape. Ow.

I have listened to New Perspective no less than 40 times, and Changes once. I'm trying really hard not to be mad at Ryan Ross for, you know, deciding it would be a good idea to release these things the same day. It's only kind of working, so I've decided to get back to him when New Perspective loses it's shine.

It might take a while, I'll admit.

The other remix story I wrote! A pinch hit for [ profile] luzdeestrellas though lord knows I'm not fond of her or anything. Nor am I in anyway grateful for always being able to send her all kinds of ridiculous things about tiny emo boys whose names I bet she wishes she didn't know.

This one was hard to write just because Laura and I tend to write in pretty much the same style (which is probably why her beta-fu works for me so often?) so to try and do it differently was challenging. Plus it was a fandom that, though I've wanted to do for ages, I never actually had. This original, seriously, has one of my very favorite lines ever in J2 fic. It still makes me all "guuuh" after a hell of a lot of reads and stealing it for this one.

Title: Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix)
Summary: If you want to drown yourself in it like it'll replace drowning yourself in him, well, it can be your best kept secret.
Rating: PG
Fandom: SPN RPF
Original Story: Ain't Scared of Lightning by [ profile] luzdeestrellas
Notes: Lots of thanks to [ profile] musesfool for all her help, and betaing, and coming up with the remix subtitling, and making the ending not suck.

Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix) )
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12 July 2009 @ 02:19 am
my heart won't stay entirely in this ribcage  
Panic(!) drama and heartbreak lead to me tripping and skinning my knee on a new fandom.

JFC, why did I not listen to you all about Merlin sooner? Like I don't have a well documented weakness for gay wizards or something. So adorable! So OTPable!

The new clip and Brendon Urie's voice continue to leave me with hearts in my eyes though, so I don't think I'll be leaving that behind anytime soon. I can't really express my joy for either of those things outside of flapping hand gestures and itunes play counts.

I haven't had a chance to even glance at my f-list, really, between remix and homework, so I'm sorry if I've missed something important. You should totally tell me what it is though.

But, but, it is July 12th, which means remix is due before 11:59EST tonight. If you aren't going to be able to post your story by then--and as long as it's complete, even if you're waiting on your beta to get back to you, by all means post it now--please, please, for the love of god LET US KNOW. remixredux @ gmail . com The archive is supposed to go live next Sunday (which means you have until then to edit your post, once it's up and approved) but it won't happen until everyone who turned in a story has one of their own.

REMIX! I fear Vic's pokey stick and so should you!
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