13 December 2005 @ 03:18 am
I do the same thing (I get lonely too)  
(1) Anderson Cooper's blog from Iraq. Seriously people, I'm in love with his mind and his writing and his mind.
(2) I realized tonight, however, that Anderson Cooper has the exact same mouth as Josh Charles.
(3) He does.
(4) This is no way whatsoever made me think Anderson Cooper/Dan Rydell.
(5) Because that would be wrong.
(6) One House/Wilson fic is done! Yay!
(7) Still two more [ profile] slashfest fics to write and have betaed before Thursday.
(8) ::weeps::
(9) But does anyone feel like volunteering to do the beta thing on it?
(10) [ profile] luzdeestrellas excluded, for obvious reasons.
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