25 April 2010 @ 05:39 pm
Maria went to Nashville with a suitcase in her hand  
One of two things almost certainly needs to happen. Either someone needs to invent self-folding laundry, or I need to own less clothing.

I have to admit, the first one is probably the more likely of these.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go see The Losers, but my aunt cancelled on me at the last second. Lame. And I didn't want to go by myself, because I am a chicken. Since I was irritated at pretty much the entire world... I went shopping. I'm not sure why this makes me feel better, but, oh, oh how it does.

I now have the Chucks I've been wanting for ages! And THESE. The picture totally does not do justice to the awesomeness of their black and pink plaidness, ok. They are adorable. I love new shows. New shoes and Starbucks make the world a better place. This is just fact.

I also found the cardigans I'd been looking for on clearance at the Old Navy on the other side of Tulsa that I hardly ever go to. It was only though extreme strength of will that I managed to not buy one in every color. Barely. I still want to find day dresses that don't make me look ridiculous, but I suppose one step at a time is good enough, yes?

Of course, I wanted Merlin season one, since it's out on DVD and nothing makes my day better as quickly as boys being ridiculous. But Best Buy was crazy busy and had a sticker price that was $10 over what they had it at online. And Target decided to just not have it at all. I shake my fist at them so very hard, you guys. So very hard.

Um. Then I came home and tried to work on my country singer AU and failed. Why is writing so hard you guys? Why? ALL I WANT TO DO IS LOVE IT?! ::weeps:: Especially this one! I want to write it so bad, and none of my words will work. I will never be able to get it onto the screen as awesome as it is in my head, or something. It's all very disappointing, really.
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21 March 2010 @ 04:11 pm
lost the plot again  
Why do I always get the best story ideas when I absolutely have no time to write them? When I have, oh, homework I avoided doing for an entire week? And like, big bangs. And Remix getting ready to go live! AND REMIX IS LIVE. GO SIGN UP NOW.

The notes I made about this idea are as follows: "Utopian paradise, 60s living with 20s glamor, underground music scenes, high-tech security, fake relationships, false security."

Will see if that makes any sense to me at all when I actually manage to find time to do it.

Oh, my life, so hard.

Although, I suppose it would totally work as a bandom big bang, no? I was kind of thinking of attempting the "disaster town AU" for this year, where Pete is mayor because everyone running against him died mysteriously, but not like that, it's actually kind of common in Disaster Town. The streets are named, "Not This Place Again PL" and "The One You Should Have Turned On" and "Last Chance BLVD." Vicky the retired porn star lives just down the street, and she'll see you at church on Sunday, where Pastor Gabe's sermon is sure to move you. Also, there would be some sort of, IDK, plot line.

Plot is always sort of my undoing in these things.

I also have a very, very short Holmes fic in a notebook, that I should totally type out at some point, except it will end up being something entirely different, I think, once I do that.
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09 January 2010 @ 08:00 pm
Last year, I signed up for both [ profile] bandombigbang and [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and... failed to actually write stories for either of them. Which, I'll admit, my failure is probably not at all surprising to any of you. I still really, really, really want to sign up for both again anyway, because I'm a freaking lunatic.

So. A poll!

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