27 November 2010 @ 09:01 pm
things! + fic - the same old story - killjoys verse - gen  
1) Last Monday, I told [ profile] aredblush that obviously the only way to really celebrate Danger Days coming out was with, will art. (Art is the weapon!) And she drew me killjoys! So amazing, guys! So amazing!

2) In exchange, she asked for the killjoys from the girl's POV. So this happened:

The Same Old Story - Killjoys - gen - 405 words
Girl you got to be what tomorrow needs )

3) A few days ago [ profile] gyzym and I were talking about an Oregon Trail AU, because we crack ourselves up. And because Inception is possible! [ profile] aredblush just DREW IT AND IT IS GLORIOUS AND YOU SHOULD ALL GO LOOK AND ADOOORE HER BASICALLY, OKAY

4) UM TO THE AWESOME PERSON WHO HAS BEEN STUCK WITH ME FOR YULETIDE: I fail at letters, so, so, let me just say, I enjoy happy things, banter, pining, banter, seeing how two people are with each other, banter, friendship, banter, cuddling, banter, and even ridiculous AUs. You should feel no obligation to follow my optional details, and write something you like. I'm sure it will be fantastic. Happy writing, and thank you so much!

5) Speaking of cuddling, a poll!
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20 March 2009 @ 09:49 pm
maybe I just like to be contrary.  
As is typical for me, now that I'm at the hard part of my big bang (you know, the part where I have to like, figure out a plot, so I can use something other than exclamation points and "you know" to describe it) I want to write something completely different.

With road trips and mixtapes and summer rain storms and pining and a style I miss writing in.

I settled for a drabble for now.

the wind through paper wings

Frank/Gee, kinda, whatever, I might just have OTP issues - 100 words )

So. There's that?
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23 February 2009 @ 12:53 pm
and I like it that way  
Day one of the Epic Paint Project begins... um, when I get back from paying my insurance. Possibly there will be pictures, later, when it is all said and done. As it is now... I'm halfway between never-unpacked and need to move everything out of the room.

Fun times.

Have a... not!drabble. Cause my new OTP is shiny to me.

and I like it that way - Frank/Gerard - 250 words )
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14 February 2009 @ 07:13 pm
if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it  
I am not here! I am totally making dinner right now! Quit looking at me like I have lost myself in youtube again. That is... only half true. I've also spent a good amount of time with random bandom primers (where is the Frank/Gerard primer? WHERE? I need the bad jokes and the mutual love and geekery and making out on stage. I neeeeed it.)

Anyway, Brendon Urie is sort of a single lady. I'm not even kind of kidding about how many naughty things I would do to that poor boy, you guys. I just really am not.

Fall Out Boy in the studio w/ Brendon Urie during the Making of 20 Dollar Nose Bleed.

The official video for Famous Last words, by MCR. You guys, I don't have words for this band sometimes. "Nothing you can say can stop me" is totally going to get fucking inked.

Ok! Seriously, dinner.

I'll probably be back with more later. ::looks shifty::
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