12 September 2009 @ 04:15 pm
don't be silly, I always have a list of demands handy  
Things I want:
- A version of iTunes Genius for fanfic. Or at the very least someone to set up something that's all "if you like this story, you might enjoy ______."
- Homework to STFU and DIE. OMG.
- Math to stop sucking so much.
- Someone to write a kind-of-but-not-quite Princess Bride AU with... any one of my bandom ships will do, really. True love and sword fights and... Wait, that sounds like Merlin...
- Shiny happy cliche fic recs. With fluff, and roadtrips, and fake!boyfriends, and accidental or arranged marriages, and pining, and UST, and happy endings of all kinds. They don't all have to be in the same fic, granted, but I want. ::makes gimmie hands::
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21 March 2009 @ 10:16 pm
collect gold fillings  
1) Am avoiding AIM because in hopes that will mean I get some writing done.
2) So far that has been less than successful.
3) My brother is apparently staying the night here.
4) He's put so much fucking Icy Hot on that I'm in another room and the smell is still making my head hurt. Ugh. FAIL.
5) It's spring now, so it can stop being cold anytime.
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06 January 2006 @ 11:16 am
in which there is a return to listing  
1) What's a girl gotta offer to get caps of The Daily Show? Fic? Sexual favors? I just want one or two from last night's show. I need a Gryffindor!Jon icon. Don't you understand?
2) My tummy hurts.
3) I've yet to write anything this year. What'cha think about that?
4) No, I do not have a Spice Girl's song stuck in my head because my soundcard keeps randomly deciding that it's not going to work until after I restart. But thanks for your concern.
5) Why does the fic I want to read not just magically appear on my f-list? Other people, they want fic, and magically, there it is. I feel you lot are slacking.
6) This weekend I will be going to see Brokeback Mountain. With my mother. Who keeps calling it Bareback Mountain. Hopefully. I don't know if I'm disturbed or amused.
7) I've started a list of Scrubs recs (on lj). This is bad, people. I don't rec. I don't. I, in general, flail about sadly and this is on LJ, because the rest of the internet is not handy and easy to click a little heart and put into my memories and, my god, have I even begun to rant about LJ and their dislike of the memories feature yet? Because I gotta tell you, they aren't fond of it at all, they way it only loads every other time you click on it, and you have to spend twice as much time refreshing just to get it up and hey, look ma, I still have runon sentences.
8) It's Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance to It: The Multifandom mp3 ficathon. Not because I am an addict. Not because I am weak, but because I made her do it. Yes, yes, it's true. I am all powerful that way. So go, I say! Go and sign up, and do not fear that you will end up having to write a story for Santa Baby!
9) Tomorrow night, I will be started a Prompt Trading Post. Be prepared.
10) And tell your friends.
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13 December 2005 @ 03:18 am
I do the same thing (I get lonely too)  
(1) Anderson Cooper's blog from Iraq. Seriously people, I'm in love with his mind and his writing and his mind.
(2) I realized tonight, however, that Anderson Cooper has the exact same mouth as Josh Charles.
(3) He does.
(4) This is no way whatsoever made me think Anderson Cooper/Dan Rydell.
(5) Because that would be wrong.
(6) One House/Wilson fic is done! Yay!
(7) Still two more [ profile] slashfest fics to write and have betaed before Thursday.
(8) ::weeps::
(9) But does anyone feel like volunteering to do the beta thing on it?
(10) [ profile] luzdeestrellas excluded, for obvious reasons.
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03 December 2005 @ 01:16 am
my girl is the queen of 10 villages; we live on the fruits of her pillages  
(1) Ouch, fucking, ow.
(2) Today is not my day.
(3) My love for this song could move mountains, right now.
(4) Photoshop is uncooperative. Icons defeat me.
(5) Writing is hard.
(6) I should never make the mistake of thinking I'm doing something well.
(7) Nothing will work. Nothing.
(8) I've got 13 days. 5 fics and 13 days.
(9) I'm not thinking I'll win this time.
(10) Please to start using "that're" because I like it and need to not be odd anymore. Turns out odd doesn't work if no one bloody well likes it. No one does. I've done a poll.
(11) We think all of life is a funny joke/ She's sharp as a tack/ I don't care if I never get back.
(12) Sirius is a bastard.
(13) Does POV change the language of your narrative? The style? Please tell.
(14) I hate the winter. It's too cold, and my hair gets staticy and shit happens.
(15) My girl is the Queen of the Savages
(16) Alan Tudyk can be my international man of mystery anytime he likes.
(17) I miss Supernatural already. Six weeks is ass. The WB is ass.
(18) I'm talking to myself again. This won't end well.
(19) My uncle used the phrase "your Anderson Cooper" today.
(20) I've lost track of what anything says about me. Maybe you can say something about me instead. ::waits::
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01 December 2005 @ 01:30 am
you're the reason civilization is declining  
(1) It's not fair that other people get to be arty and nonlinear and I don't.

(2) Fuck Fox. Seriously. Fuck them a fucking lot. You know what's taking over for Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential? Dancing with the Stars ON ICE. And I haven't even started on how they're moving Bones to the same time slot that Veronica Mars and Lost are in. Yeah, not gonna get to what that one anymore.

(3) Speaking of omg Veronica Mars )

(4) Reality TV needs to die. It's ruining America. I want a t-shirt with a quote from Bones last night, randomly: "You're the reason civilization is declining"

(5) Seriously, with the sad, sad loss of Bones in January, the number of shows I watch on Fox has gone from 5 to 1. Fox does not want me watching their channel. House should clearly be afraid.

(6) I must admit, Stephen Colbert has the most talented left eyebrow in the business.

(7) Oh, CSI: NY will never learn. Clunky product placement, random chicks hitting on Mac, Danny having a girlfriend named Cindy to help and aid in said clunky product placement... None of it will stop my slashing. None of it. Mac/Danny/Hawkes OT3!

(8) In the month of November, I wrote 5,610 words.

(9) If my word count for December is under 12,000 I will be very, very surprised.

(10) I don't want to write House anymore. It's hard and I'm bad at it. ::whines::
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