05 August 2009 @ 04:30 am
a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire walk into a bar...  
Um. So, after seeing all of, oh, two episodes. I... have apparently written Being Human fic.

I don't even know, okay.

Spencer Smith does an interview where he talks about moving in with Brendon Urie, I've got an entire house to clean and repaint, I'm supposed to be somewhere at, um, close to eight in the morning, it's 4:32 am and I wrote Being Human fic.

I'm not sure if I can leave it where it is, either. I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, now that it's all, like, there and stuff.

Maybe fic is too strong a word... maybe it's just a ficlet. What are the qualifications for that again?

Ok, seriously, sleep now.
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