25 November 2010 @ 11:07 am
fic - ice capades - inception - arthur/eames  
Happy Thanksgiving! Have a random reposted ficlet thing from the last round of the fluff meme since I fail now at writing, updating my LJ, and responding to comments and emails in a timely manner.

But you all are wonderful, and have the incredible habit of making even the shittiest week better and more hilarious, and I adore you. ♥♥♥


Ice Capades - Arthur/Eames - 745 words - Cuddle or Die
banter and cuddling and possible hypothermia, oh my! )
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03 November 2010 @ 08:21 pm
fic - ride on with the light on - inception - arthur/eames  
title: Ride On With the Light On
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames
rating: PG13 all for talk instead of action
words: 4180
summary: Beer is deep fried, Zero Gravity is more than a euphemism, and Arthur is totally just in it for the blow job. No, really. That's all.
notes: This is for [ profile] aredblush because she drew it, so I had to write it. Blame can, as always be placed with her and [ profile] gyzym for encouraging me every step of the way. Extra bonus points to [ profile] musesfool for finding me a title without even reading it.

Totally fantastic art by the amazing [ profile] aredblush can be found here. GO LOOK. GO LOOK AND FALL IN LOVE WITH HOW WONDERFUL IT IS.

Ride On With the Light On )
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14 October 2010 @ 09:54 pm
fic - everything is coming up rainbows - inception - arthur/eames  
True story: today I got a text message from an unknown number. This same unknown number had sent me birthday wishes, and I thought it would be sort of a dick move to answer "Happy birthday!" with "Thanks! Who is this?" Oh, how little did I know. Today, the unknown number texts me, and asks me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.

There's a very thin connection between that story and the one to follow. I... don't really like weddings. I wrote this for [ profile] gyzym and [ profile] aredblush because they are crazy people who encourage me to be crazy at every turn. Also, seriously, [ profile] gyzym did everything shy of holding me at gun point to make me write it.

title: Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows
fandom: Inception
pairing: Arthur/Eames
rating: PG for language
words: 3580
summary: Arthur kisses Eames on his stupid fuzzy cheek, then interrupts another drawn out "awww" from Ariadne to say, "We're married, by the way," over his shoulder, "in real life. Did you guys not know that?"
disclaimer: I do not own Inception or Care Bears, and I cannot be held responsible for tarnished childhood memories.
notes: This is the prequel to Let the Fun Shine In, but if you haven't read that one, then this one probably won't make a lot of sense. Sorry! Again, all blame should be directed at [ profile] gyzym. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the short-notice beta.

Art (which is so much more adorable) to go with this story by [ profile] aredblush can be found here and here. ETA: And here!!!!!!

Everything Is Coming Up Rainbows )
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