16 November 2005 @ 01:18 am
twisted tuesday teevee round up  
Dear You (yes, You),

I was going to say, "Tuesday TV Round Up is canceled because I am tired omg, please try to contain your disappointment" but the thought made me sad.

So instead I say, give me your Tuesday TeeVee Round Up Letters. You know you've got 'em. There's something you're just dying to write in a note to Dean. There's something you're dying to say to Cameron. You know you want to scream curses in the general direction of ASP. So, give 'em to me. Let me start a trend, man. Please?

And sometime later I'll probably cave and start putting letters up in this space. Yay. 'Ware of Spoilers and blahblahfishcakes.



House spoilers! )

Supernatural Spoilers, yay )

Gilmore Girls )
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09 November 2005 @ 01:27 am
tuesday night teevee round-up  
cut for length, fangirlly letters, and most likely vague spoilers for Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Bones, House and whatever else pops into my head to comment on )

::coughs:: I maybe had a lot to say about Supernatural. omgilovemylittlecestshow. I want to make icons that say "theirloveissodysfunctional" but I like to think that I'm above the age of twelve. Sometimes. Also it'd be hard to fit.
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