21 July 2010 @ 12:39 pm
boys with stupid faces make my life  
I totally had a dream that Shai, Treva, and I went to some tiny, tiny club for a Panic! at the Disco show. Only the tiny, tiny club looked an awful lot the community building in my tiny, tiny town. There was a stage... and folding tables and chairs. Whatever. It was the full cast of Panic, including Ryan and Jon, and they did a cover of Faithfully. Shai kept talking about how much she hated the song. Pete came out and started fingerpainting t-shirts for the crowd in the middle of the song. Brendon was wearing Kurt's Lady Gaga outfit, and Spencer kept lifting up Brendon's shirt to prove to the crowd that he was really a boy. Which I don't think anyone was doubting.

My brain, you guys, I think it is broken.

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08 April 2010 @ 01:37 pm
wait until the room stops  
We've had some changes to the dates for Remix, in case you haven't seen the news yet.

Last night I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was, as advertised, fantastic. It was adorable and hilarious. And I'm probably going to start telling people from now on, "I'm listening to you, and I value your advice; but I'm going to ignore it."

After that I spent entirely too many hours trying to figure out what book I could find "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot in, only to eventually just give up, pick the cheap one and hope for the best. But I'm still not sure I'm ready to forgive the internet for letting me down so hard. Bad internet! No cookie!

Then I had weird dreams. First, that my History teacher decided we needed to learn Spanish... so she brought in my Humanities teacher to do that. Somehow, the resulting homework was to describe the artists rendering of Frank Iero, so, you know, it wasn't all bad.

After that was some sort of sitcom with Marshall from HIMYM and Zoe Saldana, who I have absolutely never seen in anything. There was sledding, accidental nudity, and Zoe Saldana being not so secretly in love with her roommate Marshall, who had been her BFF since they were kids. But Marshall wasn't getting the hint. Adorkably. I really don't even know.
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25 February 2010 @ 11:42 am
you'd have a happy life if you did the things you liked  
[ profile] luzdeestrellas wrote me fic because she thinks I'm awesome. She said it was for my birthday, but since that was ages ago, clearly that can't be it. You should all go read it though! It's Sam and Dean being awesome and calling each other names and making out. So SPN as it should be. Boys.

I love those Winchester boys, you guys. I've spent five years watching them bicker, and banter, and get kicked around, and try to save a life or save the world. I've seen them and their best, and their worst, and their most honest. I've watched them lie, get beat up, get heart broken, and do the last thing they want to do because it's what's right. I want to bring them home and feed them cookies and give them hugs and that safe place they've never really had.

They are my very favorite boys.

I mean, I'm also fond of some other dudes. Against my better judgment, I love Pete Wentz and all his emo, apparently. So.

Last night I had a dream that [ profile] prettykitty_aya and [ profile] universeunfold and I went to a FOB show that was the size of an Empires show. There was someone else there I didn't know, who was apparently a friend of theirs, who just laid in the floor reading a newspaper. I don't even know. The guys were milling about and Andy kept hugging Shai. Treva told Pete that one of the songs was impossible to not dance to, and Pete laughed and did the stupid, "haha you liiike me" thing. So I made fun of his hair. Then we all proceeded to argue with him, when he said he was going to grow it out the length of Andy's and see if he looked like Dave Grohl. Then, because Shai and I have vowed we are not driving home after a show again, Pete decided he would drive us, and Treva thought it was a fantastic idea.

It was not.

Where do I go to apply for a new brain, since I have clearly lost mine?
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18 December 2005 @ 04:31 pm
please, fellow ljers, let this be known as a line I will not cross  
Sunday three four!

(1) I had a dream that Anderson Cooper was whatshisname* that wrote Stealing Harry and ordered, from a red sweatshirt that said, 'The children are waiting' in sequins. As decoration on a sequin tree. And, I respected him for it.

(2) This really, really must stop.

(3) And I need to catch up on the second year of Lancoon's Children, for I fear I am way behind.

(4) Also, unrelated to all of the above, someone should really be reminding me that I can't write plot. Because my sesa thinks it's going to be all plotty, and Peter thinks he's going to get an absurd amount of story time, and Remus just thinks this is the exact same story I just wrote, only with a different location. Goddamn it.

* Yes, yes, I should know his name. Sam something, I think? To be fair, I couldn't tell you who writes [ profile] shoebox either and that's the only other WIP I will follow.
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