19 January 2012 @ 11:12 pm
because a great hug has a little cling to it (et erit cuddles!)  
Do you remember, once upon a time, when LJ let fans do their thing, and we didn't have to worry that six companies where so focused on making an outdated model work instead of bringing themselves to the new century that they were going to, what's the quote, slap at gnats with a wrecking ball? When censorship was something that would never be considered? Back when there was a cuddling meme?

Delicious ate itself. The FBI took MegaUpload away. The internet imploded. SOPA is dead on the floor. It's been an emotional roller coaster kind of a time for the fannish among us. Obviously it's time for this. Obviously.

The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme 2: Cuddle Harder

Quick! Before they try to take this away from us too!

♥ Any fandom
♥ Any pairing
♥ Any rating
♥ Any word count

DW only, because LJ has made itself worthless for this use.
Stay excellent, fandom. It's what makes this whole mess worth it.
Remember that I love you.

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28 November 2010 @ 09:10 pm
because the answer to "do you need a hug" is ALWAYS yes  
There should be a snazzy intro here, but let's face it guys, the point would be this: CUDDLING. Every one needs cuddling. People love cuddling. I love cuddling. I think Arthur probably secretly loves cuddling. And you know Eames is a clingy bastard. Because cuddling is awesome! And everyone should get some cuddles. So, allow me to present:

The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme

~The Rules~

Stolen Adapted from [ profile] foxxcub's super awesome kissing meme

  1. All fic/art must including cuddling of some kind
  2. All pairings, fandoms, rating, and genres welcome!
  3. There is not minimum or maximum word count.
  4. Be kind to one another ♥♥♥

Comment and share the love!
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