01 December 2005 @ 01:30 am
you're the reason civilization is declining  
(1) It's not fair that other people get to be arty and nonlinear and I don't.

(2) Fuck Fox. Seriously. Fuck them a fucking lot. You know what's taking over for Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential? Dancing with the Stars ON ICE. And I haven't even started on how they're moving Bones to the same time slot that Veronica Mars and Lost are in. Yeah, not gonna get to what that one anymore.

(3) Speaking of omg Veronica Mars )

(4) Reality TV needs to die. It's ruining America. I want a t-shirt with a quote from Bones last night, randomly: "You're the reason civilization is declining"

(5) Seriously, with the sad, sad loss of Bones in January, the number of shows I watch on Fox has gone from 5 to 1. Fox does not want me watching their channel. House should clearly be afraid.

(6) I must admit, Stephen Colbert has the most talented left eyebrow in the business.

(7) Oh, CSI: NY will never learn. Clunky product placement, random chicks hitting on Mac, Danny having a girlfriend named Cindy to help and aid in said clunky product placement... None of it will stop my slashing. None of it. Mac/Danny/Hawkes OT3!

(8) In the month of November, I wrote 5,610 words.

(9) If my word count for December is under 12,000 I will be very, very surprised.

(10) I don't want to write House anymore. It's hard and I'm bad at it. ::whines::
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24 June 2005 @ 12:02 am
fic: heroes and villains and fools - csi: ny - danny/mac  
title: Heroes and Villains and Fools
rating: um. PG-13 (for language)
fandom: CSI: NY
summary: Danny's over it. Mostly. He's trying.
words: 5,588
notes: Thanks to [ profile] restless_jedi for the beta. Title comes from 'Imagine a Man' by The Who, because that's the kind of thing that amuses me, I guess. Written about a month ago and lost to the abyss of my hard drive since.

Heroes and Villains and Fools )
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