01 October 2005 @ 05:09 am
fic: caesura (it wasn't || worth the ride) - csi - grissom/catherine  
title: Caesura (It Wasn't || Worth the Ride)
fandom: CSI
rating: PG
summary: He left on Friday, thinking it was Thursday still, and he didn't bother to say goodbye.
words: 2,665
notes: Erm, so, I maybe based these on a set of postcards that [ profile] carbonised didn't really write but did, because she's far cleverer and better with words than I am. Also it's unbetaed, because I wanted to put it up tonight so I could still count it for September, so please point out typos to me. Please? For the record, I still have no idea what possessed me to write Grissom/Catherine.

Caesura (It Wasn't || Worth the Ride) )
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18 September 2005 @ 02:30 am
wtf, lj, wtf?  
Well. Hell.

So like, I had this post. And then it was gone.

::boggles:: WTF, LJ? WTF?

(I still need to make t-shirts with a bush on the front that say "WTF, America, WTF?" And feel free to take that to mean any kind of bush you like. :p)

The gist of it was something like: heart you all for Snaps Cup love. Don't know how to do hearts. Or bullets. Am secretly a 12 year old girl, when I'm not being a 12 year old boy. Use 'teh' still, even though 'teh' has died the way of internet fads, out of laziness. Cannot spell. Suck at writing. Wrote 300 words of CSI that may be vaguely Nick/Gregish. Won't admit to it, because ew. (Ew to the fic. not ew to Nick/Greg. I OTP in their general direction. Stupid CSI writers and producers not letting them have scenes together anymore. Bastards. And hey, Chrystal, did you know the guy who plays Bobby (culy hair, Texas accent, gun guy) is gay? And so is teh character, apparently. he was supposed to come out but they cut it at the last minute. He took some time off for a while there because he and his partner adopted a little girl. Do I have any idea why you might care? No. But there you go.) Really though, hearts to you all for the Snaps Cup love.
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