18 July 2010 @ 11:54 pm
fortunes in american slang  
The Gaslight Anthem show was so awesome, you guys. So, so awesome. They really paid attention to the crowd, and each other, and played like a 7 song encore or something and were generally all-around amazing. ♥♥♥

I'm behind on answering comments/emails, and I'm really sorry. I will get to them eventually, I swear! But first aaall the homeworld in the world that I have due tomorrow. Stupid homework. >:(

... Does anyone know how business loans work?
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02 July 2010 @ 01:45 pm
my bags are packed, I'm ready to go  
Getting ready to embark on my last crazy trip of the summer. Tonight is Black Gold! And the Young Veins! (But really, guys, Black Gold. My fangirling, let me show you it.) After that, because we are crazy people, we're heading toward Dallas for Warped tomorrow.

Hopefully mother nature will not see fit to continue her personal vendetta against the union of me and Warped Tour. Hopefully.

For the, like, three of you who are interested: All Caffeine-Free Faux-Punk Fatigue by [ profile] paperclibbitch is an awesome Glee fic. Puck/Kurt and Quinn/Mercedes, set post-Journey, so make sure you're caught up before you read it.

In other news, it is completely miserable outside, and totally FREEZING FUCKING COLD in my house. ::shivers::
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11 June 2010 @ 11:21 pm
you want to captain the Titanic, too?  
Trip to TN was a success! Trip home is a scary, scary thing lingering in the distant future of sometime Wednesday, but, whatever. I totally made it in less that the 11 hours I was sort of expecting, so take that google maps!

Empires, you guys, EMPIRES. For some reason, they played first after a couple of local bands, but they were typically awesome with an extra helping of awesome sauce. Sean Van Vleet totally did the directly singing to random people in the crowd and pointing thing again, which is awesome when not directed at me, because all I can do it shake my head at how big the heart eyes I want to make are, in order to not just stare like a creeper.

After the show, I chatted with the drummer from Lights Resolve for a bit, but we were starving, so we went for french fries instead of staying to watch them. They are actually pretty damn good though, so I fully recommend giving them a listen. Apparently they have a free EP up on their website!

I also congratulated Ryan J on a good set, and one where he did not break anything! He thanked me and told me that he'd been practicing. I told Adorable Merch Dude, once again, that as we kept trying to tell them, if they would just come around our neck of the woods, we'd make sure and take care of them. In the least creepy way possible, obviously. No, I mean, I actually said, "and I mean that in the least creepy way possible." Sean Van Vleet told me that I also put on a good show. I told him that, in my defense, since Treva and Shai weren't with me I was under orders to rock out for all of us. Apparently, this was a success? \o? I'm still not sure how I feel about the entire thing, but, whatever. I told him I was going for food, and he hugged me, and that just makes me happy like a happy happy thing. Whatever. At least half of you have no room at all to judge me.

Then there was outlet shopping! And then we drove to Knoxville and napped. The napping was also very, very awesome.

I've been gone less than 48 hours, and I'm at skip =140, so if I miss anything important, point me to it, yo. I know there was something else I was gonna tell you, but hell if I can remember what it was now.
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05 June 2010 @ 03:23 pm
don't you want to be famous?  
Traffic was terrible yesterday, which does not fill me with hope for today/Thursday's drives. My life, you guys, so hard. But there were Cobras! And dancing like a moron. And Travie McCoy! (I seriously cannot wait for Tuesday's album drop. My grabby hands, Travie, let me show you them.) And I kind of think everyone should go listen to the band that opened the show, I Fight Dragons. ("Every time I say what I want to be / Someone says that's not how it's gonna be / Come on, baby, quit your dreaming / Grab your things, the train is leaving.")

On the upside of running late, I had access to the bar. And we skipped 3Oh!3 to get french fries. Haha, take that, asshole fanboys.

I've been trying to do this stupid homework assignment, which should be totally easy except for how I don't like people to know that my hobbies are basically "flail about bands and boys I love" and "Sometimes write fic where those bands and boys also love each other a lot." Actually, I don't really care for people to know my hobbies at all. Like, hi, I don't care to tell a class of strangers anything about me, kthxbai. It's one of those weird traits of my personality, I guess? Anyway I'm supposed to write about how the internet has enriched one of my hobbies, and I have no idea what to put. Youtube and music, maybe? I'm not sure I want to do anything about writing, since it's the thing I tell people about me the least, but it would be a chance to do a thinly veiled rant on grammar, I suppose, and how OMG YOU ARE 60 YEARS OLD HOW HAVE YOU NOT YET LEARNED THAT "ALOT" IS NOT A WORD.

::cough:: Sorry, that just... that just really bugs me.

In conclusion: ::flails::
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20 May 2010 @ 09:26 pm
come on briiing it  

That is all.

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27 April 2010 @ 12:34 pm
I never said I wasn't crazy  
Concerts Scheduled this Summer:
  • 5/11 - The Maine @ The Marquee
  • 5/19 - Cobra Starship in KC
  • 6/4 - Cobra Starship in Dallas
  • 6/9 - Empires in KC
  • 6/10 - Empires in Nashville*
  • 7/2 - The Young Veins in Little Rock
  • 7/3 - Warped Tour in Dallas
  • 7/17 - Gaslight Anthem in KC

... I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. This is gonna drive me nuts.

* One way or another!
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11 February 2010 @ 04:29 pm
I had no skill, but I had heart  
To add to my list of purchases for the week:
Tickets to Cobra in Dallas and Kansas City.

Someone is going to need to take my credit card away from me.

Watch, now, Panic and MCR will decide to announce the tour dates I've been waiting on forever.

In news not related to my stimulation of the economy ("oh, oh, right there, right there, baby," the economy keeps saying to me) I am in the process of importing all my stories to AO3 in preparation of remix, and so, may I add, should you. However, I'm not sure if I should mess with the random things that I will sometimes throw up to LJ, like beginnings of stories that I decide not to use. So, a poll:

[Poll #1524395]
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06 September 2009 @ 11:16 pm
hiding the fact you're dead again  
I suddenly really want to go see The Decemberists when they come to Tulsa. It's a horrible idea for me to go, because the weekend before that is empires, and the night before I will be getting very, very drunk at a friend's house to mourn celebrate my birthday. I'm assuming I should do, like, homework, at some point that weekend.

I still wanna go.

I'm through The Monster at the End of This Book, on my season four SPN rewatch. I've got to say, I really, really... Look, it's got it's flaws, ok, it does. But I love this fucking show.
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23 August 2009 @ 09:52 pm
never been handed no welcome mat...  

So, in the spirit of, IDK, if I can't see it, it can't see me, or something: anyone going to Cobra in Dallas on Halloween? I... don't know who is actually headlining that, but it's Cobras, and I want to see them.

Also, for some reason, every time I try to write Spencer/Brendon I either can't finish it, or it turns out to be completely different from what I actual want to write. I have no idea what is up with that, but it's not making me happy.
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20 August 2009 @ 12:07 am
just a junkie preaching to the choir  
This last weekend (which, combined with a semi-hellish first full week of classes, I have not entirely recovered from) I:

-Remembered why I love Fall Out Boy
-Fell in love with Chicago
-Fell out of like with a boy
-Earned a whole new respect for Blink-182
-Caught at least 2 dozen dudebros spend an hour and a half bashing FOB, then push and shove and sing along to every word once they got on stage.
-Spent entirely too much money
-Seriously, fell so in love with Chicago

In all flat out statement of honesty, I'm a concert junkie. I'm an addict. There is nothing better than feeling the bass vibrate through you, being in a crowd with thousands of other people singing along at the top of their lungs, the drums pounding in the soles of your feet and the pit of your stomach. If I could do anything in the world and money was no object, I'd be at those things every day. I could never get enough of it, never.

I want to go back to Chicago and never leave--at least until winter comes along, that might totally change my mind.
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06 June 2009 @ 10:13 am
(+) Have tickets for Chicago!
(---) But they are shitty seats, and not pit.
(+) At least I can, like, leave and get something to drink between sets?
(+) And I did get pit in Dallas, I just now have to go for sure. Hopefully not by myself though.
(-) Today my 19 y/o cousin is marrying his 17 y/o girlfriend. Outside. And, naturally, it is supposed to storm.
(+) I wasn't gonna go anyway, because I canceled one set of plans, they canceled the wedding, I made other plans, and then they said, the wedding was back on. Haha, fool me once.
(--) I've got a lot of math homework to do, my allergies are kicking my ass, and I kind of just want to crawl under the covers for the rest of the day.
(-) Seriously, such shitty seats. Like, not even level 1 seats. Level two. And it was still $136.
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27 May 2009 @ 12:51 am
everyone wants two of them and half of everyone else who's around  
1) OCK pre-sale tickets for Dallas go up tomorrow, and I am completely and totally torn about what I should do. Just buy one ticket and hope for the best? Buy two and pray I can get someone to pick up the other one? Be an adult and not go to a concert instead of class?

2) Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls. Cause I love this song so much I bought the damn CD again, when the first copy was ruined/lost.

3) I told my friend that if she'd go with me to Chicago I'd buy her ticket. I didn't realize at the time that they were going to be 70 bucks before fees. ::sighs:: Still worth it, for those three bands together, but JFC. I'm hoping she helps pay for gas. And she did say she'd help with the hotel. Still, again, JFC.

4) And she's, like, not a fangirl. Which hurts me, really. Like, mostly knows FOB from my ink.

5) Every time I hear the line "keeps my heart, heart beating tonight" I hear, instead, "keeps my heart, heart Bden tonight." And I giggle. Every. Time.

6) I finally got my hands on a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! And... am having a hard time reading it, because I keep being horrified by all the places where I think it should have a comma and it does not.

7) Believe it or not, I'm kinda more critical of actual books than fanfiction. You know, like, sometimes. When it's a book I've been really excited to read. The whole thing kind of saddens me, cause, you know, ZOMBIES.

8) I have, however, find what got to be kind of an epic level of love for Christopher Moore books. Well, ok, I've read two. But for real, love! They are funny, and witty, and different, and awesome.
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18 May 2009 @ 10:54 pm
I'll be your distraction  
Went to the Forgive Durden show last night and felt so, so bad for the bands because there was like, no one there, except for some insanely enthusiastic wanna dudebros and, like a dozen other people who spent the majority of the opening acts too busy laughing at them to pay much attention to anything else.

Like, for real, the lead singer of You, Me and Everyone We Know was about half an inch from full out making out with one of them a couple of times.

But there was good company and good music and that makes for good times always.

Plus, there was bonus baby!Brendon in one of the bands. We all kept looking at him and going, "awww." I'm not sure he knew what to think of it, but, you know, baby!Brendon! What were we supposed to do?

Then--entirely too early for my liking--this morning we get the call to head to the hospital. I have yet another niece. She's very tiny, and has ten tiny fingers, and ten tiny toes. Her big sister is spending the night here, and the only way I've managed to get her to sit still for 20 minutes was to watch Family Guy with her. Oops.
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15 May 2009 @ 02:06 pm
I'll take FUCK, YES for $1000, please, Alex  


Except the tour dates closest to me are during school days and I for real and for true could not give less of a fuck. I am going, going, going.

I want St. Louis, Kansas City & Dallas at the very least. I will miss school, I don't even care. Do you think I could get a doctors note? Since clearly I am sick?


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27 April 2009 @ 12:06 am
their stupid faces, omg  
So, I need like, a 12 step program for concerts. Like and AA for Live Music Addicts.

I'm not saying I'd go, really, I just like to know that I have the option.

Which pretty much translates to OMG FOB I WANT TO WATCH YOU LIVE FOREVER.

Seriously, it's been over a week now, but I kind of don't have the words even a little bit at all. I love sitting my ass in line and meeting other people who love these bands as much as I do. I love being in the crowd. I love "detox just to retox" and "I will never believe again" and "hell or glory, I don't want anything in between."

I love music. I love all of it.

I've also got a new layout ([ profile] angelgazing) thanks to [ profile] sleepismyfriend, the banner is made with pictures she actually took at our show, and, again, OMG PETE WENTZ YOUR FACE.

I'm doing this stupid thing where I'm kind of in love with life for no good reason.

Everyone should feel like this once in a while.
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28 March 2009 @ 10:32 pm
varying levels of awesomenisity  
This entire post is cut for rambling and the overuse of the word awesome )
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27 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm
I never loved you anyway  
Motion City Soundtrack to night! At least, fingers crossed and god willing. I've got the tickets in my hand, but I did for The Cab too, and oh, oh how that burned. Which is to say, I'm pretty sure someone who works at this venue is a douche, and I'm scared I'm gonna get canceled on at the last minute, again.

Who said that shit isn't bad for business?

Also it's supposed to snow tonight, which I still say is complete bullshit. Not, bullshit like I think it won't, but bullshit like, what the actual fuck, weather? Did you not get that memo about spring? I'm over this winter shit so hardcore.

I've kind of been listening to This Providence, since they're opening. So far it's managed to make me upset that I missed TAI in OKC because it was on a Tuesday and I had like, no warning to try and con someone into going with me.

My life, so hard.

Hopefully I'll get pictures. Yay pictures!

On another note, in case I haven't mentioned it before: I really, really hate myspace.
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31 January 2009 @ 10:12 am
omg i am such a lameass  
I just bought tickets for FOB in Dallas on the 17th!

And I have no one to go with me, omg, but I wantwantwantwanwant.

Dude, FOB.

I just paid an obscene amount for them too, when you consider the fact that I no longer have a job. lol I am so lame. I could not say no.
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07 November 2008 @ 01:31 am
and I came here to make you dance tonight  
Today, today... Well, ok, YESTERDAY.


Signing! Which was, you know, waiting in line for, oh, 2 hours. And finally telling some boy that I would put money on not being old enough to vote who kept using "Obama supporter" as an insult [Oh, Oklahoma, I would be so disappointed in you if I ever had any kind of expectations from you at all] "yeah, so are we, shut the fuck up." His friends laughed at him and he stopped talking to me. Win! And line, line, line, arguing with security about not being able to sit line, line, OMG COBRA. hahaha It happened like that too, I won't lie.

Ugh THEM. I kind of want to draw little sparkly hearts around their faces, you guys. they were all sweet and not assholes, which is cool, even if it does make me think I should reconsider my world view. lol

Then we HAULED ASS to sit in, oh, ANOTHER LINE for the concert!

The concert rocked. All the bands were good, even if the sound for Sing It Loud was kinda fucked. (Pretty much all of Hit the Lights = complete hotassery, but OMG DRUMMER DUDE. hothothot) Totally got barrier, too, which was further awesomeness, even if it did nearly lead to me needing to be bailed out of jail when some hateful little girl though she could take my spot and I refused to let her. At one point during Forever the Sickest (ugh so good. The keyboardist looks like Peter Krouse though. A small, teenage emo Peter Krouse.) her elbow hit my face.


She did not get my spot, despite her pushing.

And then! Like I said before:OMG COBRA. Just. COBRA. ::hands:: I want to go see them all the time forever. They are, like, you know how I've seen Phantom Planet three times this year and had to talk myself out of driving to Dallas for number four? That is Cobra! I... really want to stalk their asses to Texas. Jesus. ::hearts all over::

THEN! I HAUL ASS to the hospital! I have a new niece! She's tinytinytiny and she was born about five minutes after I got there.

And now I'm going to fall in to bed and maybe never leave. OMG SO TIRED.
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08 October 2008 @ 09:49 pm life isn't a box of chocolates so much as bag of horrible flavored jelly beans  
Points on proof:

1) The kid who works at the Family Dollar looks just like Mikeyway. Like, emo glasses version. I managed to want to do kind of obscene things to him all while being creeped out because he. kept. looking. at. me.

2) One of my very best friends and all around favorite people (who gets me drunk! oh, god, so drunk...) is... No, no, listen, she is trying to set me up. Which, yeah, I get a lot. (Spinsterdom is me at my best. What?) But! No, see, she's trying to set me up with her ex husband. ::hands::

3) I just don't even know what to do with that.

4) We Believe in Barack Obama (he loves you and he loves your mama) Register to vote! Pretend this post is worth something and not just stress induced lack of sleep rambling!

5) The vids going around for the new PatD tour fill my heart so deeply with want. So, so deeply.

6) Am trying to con my brother into buying me tickets to Cobra Starship and Metro Station for my birthday. I argue that I will be spending at least that much on booze for his!

7) Seriously, the world is mocking me. Due to the unhappy work related news I had to cancel the DirecTv install that was supposed to be going on tomorrow. Which, yeah, means I have to wait to watch SPN. Oh, oh, my life is so hard. None of you* understand my pain!

8) And we'll all float on ok / and we'll all float on anyway (Cause sometimes, I just need to hear that it'll be ok. Figured I should share that.)

* Yes, yes, I know. But this is my melodrama. I really don't even know how you all stand it. I might have to learn. I might have to flee the country come November.
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