30 May 2010 @ 06:22 pm
remix...redux 8 fic  
Remix authors were revealed today! Due to extreme laziness, I probably will not be reposting mine here. But, for those interested, a fake lj-cut header!

title: The City Is at War (The Can't Stop the Music Mix)
original story: The City Is at War by [ profile] marksykins
fandom: bandom
rating: general audiences
summary: "I had a dream," Gabe said, only halfway to serious, pointing a finger to the sky, "where a cobra from the future visited me and told me that it was our duty to take the music back. To take it all back, consequences be damned. Cause it may be the end of the world, motherfuckers, but I'm throwing the motherfucking party."

( No one remembers when The Takeover began. )

Random commentary and note things: behind the real cut )
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23 February 2010 @ 01:22 pm
I'm not tortured; how are you ever going to relate?  
I need a zombie icon, for all I talk about them.

I don't suppose any one of you can explain postmodernism to me in small words that would be acceptable to use in a speech class? It's a big concept to try and simplify, I think. The metaphors, the reason that zombies are fucking scary--I got that. I can simplify that for a general audience. It's the postmodern concepts that tie in that I'm having issues with.

Of course, when am I ever not having issues?

Bah, and also humbug.

Have the beginning of my Brendon/Spencer zombie apocalypse AU that I wrote, and then decided failed as a beginning. I'm not giving up on the story, I'm just giving up on this part of it. I think. I promise to shut up about zombies soon.

The Beginning is Here )
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27 August 2009 @ 01:20 pm
why, why do they not want me to write them?  
I have started this story at least three different times, and still can't get the beginning to be what it needs to be for the one scene I actually know I really want to build into a story.

So, you know, Rejected Beginning of a Story I May Never Finish, Because Spencer/Brendon Fic Is Apparently Impossible For Me to Write:

And Just... / Panic v. 2.5 / 375 words )
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27 July 2009 @ 01:56 pm
fic: separation anxiety (the zombie apocalypse remix) - spn - bandom - gen  
Remix authors aren't secret anymore (yay!) so now I can say that I wrote Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix) and Ain't Scared of Lightning (The Beer by Beer Remix).

The remix for my story, of course, was written by [ profile] musesfool who had the fun task of taking 300 words about boys being locked in a closet and making it into a real story. It's so many kinds of awesome and, like the originals of the remixes I wrote, should be read like yesterday.

This here is the first remix I wrote this year, with my actual assignment. I think my favorite part of remix is getting to roll around in someone else's fic for a couple of week, and usually the hardest part for me is picking one. This one, I don't know why, was just it so early on. It's nothing like I had actually planned on making it, but things I write rarely are. Anyway, story:

Title: Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix)
Author: [ profile] angelgazing
Summary: It's just typical. Anytime he and Sam are separated, one of them dies, or sells their soul, or is nearly sacrificed, or starts the apocalypse.
Fandom: Supernatural; Bandom
Characters: Dean and Sam Winchester, Brendon Urie
Rating: PG-13
Original Story: Forty Thousand Men and Women Every Day by [ profile] ignipes
Notes: Thanks to my awesomesauce betas [ profile] luzdeestrellas and [ profile] musesfool, they deserve rewards for al the flailing they have to put up with from me, really. Also, credit for the title goes to [ profile] musesfool

Separation Anxiety (The Zombie Apocalypse Remix) )
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