18 December 2005 @ 04:31 pm
please, fellow ljers, let this be known as a line I will not cross  
Sunday three four!

(1) I had a dream that Anderson Cooper was whatshisname* that wrote Stealing Harry and ordered, from a red sweatshirt that said, 'The children are waiting' in sequins. As decoration on a sequin tree. And, I respected him for it.

(2) This really, really must stop.

(3) And I need to catch up on the second year of Lancoon's Children, for I fear I am way behind.

(4) Also, unrelated to all of the above, someone should really be reminding me that I can't write plot. Because my sesa thinks it's going to be all plotty, and Peter thinks he's going to get an absurd amount of story time, and Remus just thinks this is the exact same story I just wrote, only with a different location. Goddamn it.

* Yes, yes, I should know his name. Sam something, I think? To be fair, I couldn't tell you who writes [ profile] shoebox either and that's the only other WIP I will follow.
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17 December 2005 @ 03:28 am
in which I will, in fact, talk a subject to death  
I've said it before, you know, many, many times, and I don't think that people really believe me. But for me, the prettiness is just a bonus. I swear to god, people, it's his mind that I am in love with.

Here, have a sample of why:

It’s odd, perhaps, that the fancy young Mr. Cooper would have this aggravated outsiderish sense. But it goes well with his self-deprecation. Take the night a few years back that he talked on-air about the inevitable (and deeply misguided) offer from Playgirl to pose nude: "The last thing America needs to see is my pale skinny little chicken legs running around. Maybe I could pose for American Poultry." Funny stuff, coming from a man whose hot-and-heavy devotees have littered the Internet with ga-ga fan pages.

Took a nap earlier and dreamed that I dreamed that I was dreaming. Make that one make sense. And no, as it turns out, I haven't gotten anything done tonight. Woo for unproductiveness! Or something!

Now, why does LJ make my icons so much darker than they're supposed to be? Why is it so hard to get a good shot of Anderson smiling? Why, why, why? ::weeps::
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16 December 2005 @ 01:21 am
there should be topic jumping olympics  
(1) Hellooo, Rob Merciano, how have I never noticed you around before?
(2) And what's it gonna take for me to get you and Anderson both standing in the wet, wet rain next hurricane season?
(3) Yes, that was a serious question.
(4) I am still shocked, shocked, I tell you, that I finished all the [ profile] slashfest fics.
(5) Now I just have to do my shacking up secret santa thingy, and I will be done for like the whole year.
(6) And I'm really not signing up for another ficathon until remix.
(7) And only remix because I cannot resist the temptation of it.
(8) I have a splinter in my thumb that will not come out.
(9) I just felt the need to whine about that. And to, like, remind people that I cannot have just a fic journal. That's craziness.
(10) In Five - PG - House/Cuddy banter cut for not being on topic - 200 words )
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13 December 2005 @ 03:18 am
I do the same thing (I get lonely too)  
(1) Anderson Cooper's blog from Iraq. Seriously people, I'm in love with his mind and his writing and his mind.
(2) I realized tonight, however, that Anderson Cooper has the exact same mouth as Josh Charles.
(3) He does.
(4) This is no way whatsoever made me think Anderson Cooper/Dan Rydell.
(5) Because that would be wrong.
(6) One House/Wilson fic is done! Yay!
(7) Still two more [ profile] slashfest fics to write and have betaed before Thursday.
(8) ::weeps::
(9) But does anyone feel like volunteering to do the beta thing on it?
(10) [ profile] luzdeestrellas excluded, for obvious reasons.
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07 December 2005 @ 01:13 am
::unbuttons jacket and leans forward::  
Hi. I give in. I'll admit it, here and now: I fangirl Anderson Cooper.

Oh, my God, people, did you see him on the Colbert Report? You should. You really, really should. With the smiling and the leaning and the smiling. And Stephen could've let him talk more, really, but he made jokes and was cute and I am hopeless and pathetic and I need professional help. Please stop mocking me. I need better Anderson icons, because the pictures are all crap to work with, with the bad quality and such. Woe, man. WOE. Really, stop mocking me, I'm begging you.

I'll just go back under my rock now.

Though, you know, I will say, on another topic completely: YAY ONE DOWN! Still four to go, but one down! Well, one mostly down! Still need to finish up with a beta on that one. ::coughs hintily at George::
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