20 September 2010 @ 09:52 pm
I'll be honest, I sort of thought I was kidding, too  
So, remember when I said I was just going to WRITE ALL THE CLICHES?

Apparently I was serious.

A poll!

[Poll #1621184]

Look, I gave you clicky boxes. CLICKY BOXES. I didn't even subject you to radio buttons. I'm hoping that will make you forgive my extreme lameness while I go watch Castle and eat a lot of ice cream to ignore the parts of my day that weren't filled with Arthur, Eames and ridiculous fanfic cliches.

* Featuring: A kissing booth, getting shoved together by a crowd, and being locked together in a closet!

** Totally what it says on the tin. With bonus snuggling for warmth to survive.

*** I, in this instance, meaning you.
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