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2012-05-06 06:00 pm

what the hell, why not

Twitter made me do it. We just can't get enough of these things, twitter and I. We bring to you:

The Multi-Fandom _______ Made Them Do It Meme

Aliens and Sex Pollen and Pon Farr, OH MY!

Everyone has a favorite way to fill in the blank, so it's time to show me yours, fandom. Is it Tony/Bruce: An Experimental Lab Chemical Made Them Do It? Bucky/Steve: The Shield Made Them Do It? Darcy/Clint: ALIENS (Thor) MADE THEM DO IT? Derek/Stiles: The Supermoon Made Them Do It? Arthur/Eames: The Dream Made Them Do It? Loki/Thor: A Spell Gone Wrong Made Them Do It? Harvey/Mike: A Book Made Them Do It? Sam/Dean: Clowns Made Them Do It?

Maybe that's not it. Maybe you've got something a thousand times better. Lay it on me, fandom, because when it comes to this, the possibilities are endless, and there is just never enough.

The Rules

Any fandom
Any pairing
Any rating
Any word count
Any medium
All the _____ Made Them Do It
All the love.

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2012-03-03 10:09 pm

to cliche or not to cliche... has never been a question.

Right. I've had something of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, and from what I understand, I am not alone. Add in the fact that Remix X signups are opening VERY SOON and I don't qualify for the fandoms I'd like to write in most... The obvious answer is the thing that makes me happiest in the world. CLICHES. So, whatever, let's do a thing.

The Multi-Fandom Cliche Meme

Fake boyfriends, accidental marriages, and amnesia, OH MY!

Any fandom, any rating, any pairing, any cliche. Pick your poison and bring it to the party, because everybody loves a good cliche.

Steve and Bucky undercover at a gay club, dancing close and wanting things they shouldn't? Nick and Monroe make out for cover and realize they don't want to stop? Agent Coulson gets magicked into a toddler and the Avengers have to care for him? Who has to cuddle for warmth? Who has to share a bed with their UST and the object of their lust because there's only one room at the inn? Who can survive the zombie apocalypse, but worries their feelings may do them in? Who has to get someone out of their wet clothes before the teeth chattering does them both in? What about the time Character A has a minor sickness/injury and Character B fusses and Character A is grumpy and THERE IS ALL THE LOVE EVER? What about the one where everyone thinks they're a couple? Where a trip to Vegas/Canada means they wake up married? Or the one where they don't realize they are TOTALLY MARRIED until they start getting toasters and blenders from their friends? What about that road trip across the country that someone has always wanted to take?

Whatever your cliche, whatever your fandom, whatever your character, whatever your medium. I want them all.


♥ Be kind
♥ Share the love
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2012-02-27 10:53 pm
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some nights I stay up, cashing in my bad luck

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] aredblush YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, BB. ♥

2) Remix time is coming up soon! I know a lot of us have fandoms we don't qualify for that we'd like to, so I was considering doing a multifandom comment meme/prompt fest to help get the story counts where it would need to be. But the question becomes: Random prompts? A specific type of prompt? Or a theme?

So, a poll )

3) Inspiration is hard! And while I'm trying to figure out item #2, I thought it'd be fun to try try and get a headstart. So, whatever, a different kind of meme:
The iPod Shuffle
No, not that one. Let's be honest, when we need inspiration, the first place we go is our music library. So let's try something a little bit different. My music library is no help to me, but maybe it can be for someone else. Here's how this thing works:
1) Comment to this post, and I'll give you a prompt in the form of whatever song shuffles up next on whatever music player I've got going at the time.
2) Turn on the music player of your choice to shuffle, post this to your own journal and dole out prompts. No, you can't hide your shameful music. If it shuffles up, that's the gig.
3) Write/draw/whatever way you create for the prompt you've been given: post it. Again, no hiding the shame. Even if you think it's awful, post it.
4) Link your finished product to the prompt comment, because it's always lovely to see the results. ♥
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2012-01-19 11:12 pm

because a great hug has a little cling to it (et erit cuddles!)

Do you remember, once upon a time, when LJ let fans do their thing, and we didn't have to worry that six companies where so focused on making an outdated model work instead of bringing themselves to the new century that they were going to, what's the quote, slap at gnats with a wrecking ball? When censorship was something that would never be considered? Back when there was a cuddling meme?

Delicious ate itself. The FBI took MegaUpload away. The internet imploded. SOPA is dead on the floor. It's been an emotional roller coaster kind of a time for the fannish among us. Obviously it's time for this. Obviously.

The Multi-Fandom Cuddling Meme 2: Cuddle Harder

Quick! Before they try to take this away from us too!

♥ Any fandom
♥ Any pairing
♥ Any rating
♥ Any word count

DW only, because LJ has made itself worthless for this use.
Stay excellent, fandom. It's what makes this whole mess worth it.
Remember that I love you.

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2012-01-16 12:34 am

nothing to see here, move it along

Basically the fact that Hunger Games doesn't have a fandom to rival HP is very disappointing to me. In my soul. And all my feels are belong to Peeta.

Whatever, have a story. Title and cut text from Gretel in Darkness by Louise Gl├╝ck.

This Is the World We Wanted - Hunger Games - Katniss/Peeta - 430 words
We are there still and it is real, real )
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2011-12-22 02:06 am

I kind of want to play an end of an era sort of song. Someone cue Green Day

Right, I've been pretty much absent from everything not twitter, but I still have ~feelings.

Sadly, right now, they aren't good ones toward LJ. From here on forward, I'll probably cross post from dreamwidth, for as active as I am. Just a reminder, of course, I can be found everywhere that I have an account with this same username. Twitter, pinboard, gmail, and dreamwidth. (For AIM, on the rare occasions that can happen lately, you have to add a "The" in front. Someone beat me to it, for the only time on the ENTIRE INTERNET. I'm still bitter.)

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2011-12-22 12:16 am
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well then. let's do this thing.

In the course of a week I have given up the ghost of delicious and LJ. I can still be found across the board (including pinboard, but not tumblr, because I know a time vampire when I see one) with the same username. I'm more active on twitter later, just because 140 characters doesn't exactly require a lot of time.

Work is a lot of work. It's frustrating, and exhausting, and I have gotten sick more this year than in the last four. I have no social life--online or off--and a 15 hour day is actually just pretty normal. I'm living the dream, you guys, and I probably wouldn't trade it for anything.

So I've been mostly inactive in fandom, but that doesn't mean the outrage doesn't stand. I still love things. I still lurk. I still throw out completely random stories that I long for on twitter, and try to convince people to write them for me.

I've been toying with the idea of a Grimm meme of some sort, since I've fallen head over heels for it. (And Avengers. I don't even know, I wish I did.) But that's more than just a little out with the new LJ changes, and, whatever, there are only so many times I'm going to let a service make me feel like the money I pay is worth less than people who use it for a different kind of social networking. I'm a fan, and LJ has always been the one place that I didn't need to feel bad about that, but times, they are different now, it seems.

Anyway, I've had this account for two and a half years now, so I figure if there's going to be a change, I should do it in style.

You're Invited

Please, join me right here, right now for my
Dreamwidth Journal Warming Party

Simply pick out a fandom and/or pairing that you think
should belong in this journal, and tell me where to put them.
And I will write you at least 100 words.
Let's get some paint on the walls!

Your presence is your present!
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2011-02-28 12:52 pm

except I won't sing. You can thank me later.

Posting on the dl since I'm supposed to be working like a fucking bee or something idk, idk, I'm not used to having this many things on the list of Very Important Shit I Really Must Do. But! But, this is also VERY IMPORTANT, okay.

*\o/* *\o/* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAS *\o/* *\o/*

[ profile] aredblush is one of the worst influences to ever influence, and she makes me do ridiculous things like write the Inception team as Care Bears, but she's amazing and kind and sweet and always there to make me smile when I'm ready to throw all the things. She is FANTASTIC and she deserves all the love and best wishes ever, ever, ever.

Basically, what I'm saying here is [ profile] aredblush =


I still owe her like, a decent bday present, but in the meantime she's saying that this little thing I wrote about Steve's tattoos could count. Because she's awesome, if I haven't mentioned that before.


Right. Now back to work.
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2011-02-17 02:15 pm

heartattacks and broken dreams

Finally, finally, finally getting an issue with the restaurant taken care of, but it requires me to be there when I'm also supposed to be on the phone with the hospital, since my surgery is tomorrow. Still have other issues that aren't even close to getting fixed.

Let me just put this out there, for all future business owners, okay. Things that are not good buiness practice: making potential customers jump through hoops, not being available at the numbers listed, NOT CALLING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY THINGS FROM YOU. Honest to god, you'd think it was a revolutionary concept. YOU ARE IN SALES. I NEED TO PURCHASE THINGS. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?

And like that wasn't stressing me out enough, ahahaha, seriously, I'm so randomly nervous about the surgery tomorrow. Which makes no sense, really, since I mostly just want the pain to stop.

What I never want to stop, however? the H50 cliche meme! It's proven to be the most excellent distraction so far today. Here's hoping it (and YOU GUYS, I love you guys!) will keep working it's magic while I get more and more freaked the fuck out. Here's hoping.

AH, okay, must now attempt to impersonate a real life functioning adult. Who is productive. Sigh.
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2011-02-16 11:26 pm

let's be honest, I've never met a cliche I didn't like

Because there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, especially if you live in paradise:

The Hawaii Five-0 Cliche Meme

Fake boyfriends, accidental marriages, and amnesia, OH MY!

Whatever your poison, whatever you favorite cliche, it's open and allowed here. Want to see Steve and Danny make out for cover and discover their ~true feelings? What about when they have to pretend to be boyfriends to keep cover? When they're forced to share a bed all ~platonic-like for weeks and keep waking up cuddling and then can't sleep without each other? Maybe Grace playing matchmaker? The one where everyone but them realizes they're married? Danny gets de-aged to six and Steve has to take care of him? Steve gets magicked into a tiny, angry kitten and/or dragon? They one where they must cuddle for warmth to survive?

Maybe that isn't your flavor. Maybe you want the one where Kono is a punk rock princess that keeps getting into trouble? Or where Chin loses his memory and thinks he's back on the HPD force. Maybe the one where Kono is secretly a criminal mastermind, working the team from the inside. Or where she has the chance return to her pro surfing career and must choose. How about one where Chin goes on an epic road trip?

There is no bad cliche! Whatever your favorite, I promise I want to read/see it, too.

The Rules

♥ Every cliche welcome!
♥ All pairings, ratings, mediums, and genres can be included!
♥ Any word count works!
♥ Have fun and be kind. ♥♥♥

Comment and share the love! ♥
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2011-02-16 02:42 am

guaranteed to run this town

Well, this is going to work like a list again. Sometimes being multifannish is hard, yo.

1) Panic! moved their release date up by a week! I AM SO EXCITE. I feel like I've been waiting for basically ever.

2) The prompt post for this week's theme (kids!) is up at [ profile] harlequincepted cause [ profile] foxxcub is on the ball. I have so many things I want to write for this theme and no time at all to write them. WRITE THEM FOR ME, GUYS. PLEASE?

3) I missed Kurt tonight. And, uh, look, Sam is growing on me a lot. A lot a lot. Leaps and bounds. Basically I would be happy if this show was just Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Puck, Brittany and Santana.

4) I continue to be crazy, stupid in love with Hawaii Five-0. Crazy, stupid in love. Since it will be added to the Remix list this year, I was thinking about doing a H5-0 cliche meme, to help those (me) who might want to qualify for and don't. Plus, you know, I've never met a cliche I didn't like. FAKE BOYFRIENDS! Accidentally married! Kid!fic! One room at the inn! THINK OF ALL THE POSSIBILITIES, YOU GUYS.

5) A poll, before I rush in head first, since my online time is going to be a little more limited the rest of the week. Plus, ahahaha, Friday. (Stupid routine surgery, why are you terrifying?) Anyway!

[Poll #1704316]
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2011-02-15 02:05 am

we can roll around in your dirty old magic

Today has been a day, my surgery has been moved, all of the things failed to become accomplished, and I owe so very many comment and email answers. I will get to those, I swear! Cross my heart! But right now it's 1:42, and I've got a dentist appointment about 40 minutes away at 8 in the morning. So, I LOVE YOU, I WILL GET THERE, I SWEAR IT.

In the meantime, though, a few things I couldn't help but share:

1) Remix time is fast approaching, as it tends to do, and discussion of fandoms to add/remove is going on here. Just ftr though, Inception and H5-0 will both be added this year. I AM SO EXCITED. And need to hurry and get some fic written so I qualify in H5-0. But come over and join the discussion! See what'll it take for us to entice you all to come play with us this year! :DD

2) [ profile] harlequincepted's new theme is up! We're going with kid!fic this round, which covers everything from baby-on-the-doorstep to Eames-is-suddenly-six. CANNOT WAIT to see what turns up in this. ♥

3) So there's this band you may have heard me mention once or twice. Empires? Tiny band I've done stupid things to see. Would do stupid things to see again. Yeah, yeah, you've seen the flail. These dudes are fantastic in at least a billion ways, and they are unsigned, and here is your chance to help them get some recognition they absolutely deserve by voting for them to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Do it, do it, DO IT FOR ME, OKAY, IF NOT FOR THEM.

4) Seriously THANK YOU to all the people who told me about that thing on H5-0 tonight. Ahahaha. I will be updating the pimping post regularly to keep up with that thing. Probably not everything else, because, uh, not sure if you've noticed this but: STEVE AND DANNY ARE MARRIED. I'd try and show you every moment that proves it, but that's pretty much every minute they are on screen together. Also, because it really must be said, OH MY GOD TONIGHT'S EPISODE. OH MY GOD THEM. I love them so much.

5) EVERYONE SHOULD GO LOOK AT [ profile] aredblush's SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC Valentine's Day card. Bandom and Inception and HAWAII FIVE-OH, OH MY. Honestly, I think she can't be more amazing, and she draws a Steve/Danny ninja Spider-man kiss. DYING from how much I adore it. DYING.
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2011-02-11 10:30 pm

this post doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up

I am having a day. This is a day of random incoherent rage, but whatever, I'm working on it. The internet makes all the things better, right?

It helps that The Inception Anon Love Meme is still going strong. It's fabulous to know that there are people out there who really just want to make someone else feel better about themselves. There's something to be said for making someone else smile. The whole thing just warms my cold, dead heart. ♥♥♥

I am totally going to have to do a second part to the Steve/Danny pimping post. Partly because I was unaware that I was writing a primer, and partly because I managed to miss art in the last post. But look, look at Steve and Danny. Look how happy they are. Don't you want them to keep smiling and being happy and building sandcastles with Grace? *coughs* The point here, is if you have any Hawaii Five-0 recs, be they fic or art or comms, please for the love of god hand them over.

Seriously, though, seriously, I want the story where Danny gets hurts and Rachel flips out again and threatens to take custody back to court because clearly his life is a danger to Grace, so Steve is like, NO, NO, I GOT THIS. And in order to seem like Danny's is a stable environment he and Danny get married, and Danny moves into Steve's house--all while still recovering from like, a GSW that means Steve goes back and forth from "omg wtf you can't do that" to "stop being such a baby" because he's Steve. And Mary is pissed that she missed the wedding, and Chin is just smug because he called it, and Kono is like getting into fights at even the hint that someone is going to give Steve and Danny shit about being married (though mostly everyone is just like... and this is different how?). And then they figure their shit out and stop pretending like they're only pretending to be totally married. And Rachel is like, well finally, be by at seven for Grace on Friday, would you?

I'm pretty sure seeing the prompt or whatever like this on [ profile] foxxcub's LJ is the entire reason I ended up watching this show. I want this story so much I can't stand it.

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2011-02-10 05:55 am

Steve and Danno: It's a TV Cop Fantasy

So, I've fallen into the pit of a television cop show that is the Hawaii Five-0 reboot. And, in the words of My Chemical Romance, I won't go down by myself.

This is not a Hawaii Five-0 pimping post. This is a Steve/Danny pimping post. Because spoiler: Steve and Danny are married. Chin (Daniel Dae Kim, omg, so much love) and Grace Park (testing your heterosexuality since 2010) are fantastic! They are kickass. They are the second and third best reasons to watch this show, but they aren't going to be featured here. It's isn't at all because I don't adore them; it's just because I think anyone who'd even consider the show would do so because Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.

So, what it boils down to is this, the number one reason to watch this show: So you can fall in love with Steve and Danny and write me all of the fic.

Let's begin with an introduction. Beware of spoilers, excessive youtube links, and things you wouldn't think could actually be canon )

The Basics and Fun Canon Facts. Same warnings as before. )

Steve/Danny fic recs! With stories from every option on the rating menu, so beware if you're underage! )

Where to find pretty things and other awesomeness )

In conclusion:

Now write me some fic :D
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2011-02-06 04:44 pm
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There comes a time in every fandom when a pillow fort is needed

I'm feeling like what the world needs now is some love, you guys, and what Inception fandom needs is so much love that they over-indulge like a kid in a candy store. You feel a little bit sick the rest of the day, but it tasted awesome so it was worth it.

So, you know, I am the girl with the cookies. As a rule. There may also be cake, because I'm trying out some new recipes. Anyway!

The Inception Anon Love Meme



ETA: I know a lot of you were mentioning a friending meme in the comments here. For those still interested [ profile] yanethyrael has put one up here!

In true anon meme style: anon comments enabled, IP logging off
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2011-01-31 02:00 am
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And here I was planning on doing better about updating my LJ

For those of you who don't have the incredible patients I've no doubt it must take to follow me on twitter (@angelgazing, ftr, if you want to join the insanity) I am in the process of doing something I've dreamed about for as long as I can remember and opening my own restaurant.

It's not going to be anything very big, or very fancy. It's not going to be exactly the place I've imagined for years. But it's going to be mine, and I'm so excited about it I tend to lapse into verbal keysmashing when the subject comes up. (Thank whatever from high atop the thing, honestly, for [ profile] gyzym's ability to understand when I speak in keysmash.)

I grew up in a restaurant, because my family owned one from the time I was four until they sold it about 9 years ago. I remember being six and training a new waitress on where the tables were. I remember learning to work the register. I still can't handle cash that isn't all facing the same direction. I remember slicing a billion lemons, and watching my great grandmother make bread, and having cake for breakfast, and buttered sourdough straight out of the oven. The smell of it baking is always going to ping a little bit like home for me. We're naming the new place after her.

Anyway, because I keep flailing like the ridiculous person that I am, and it's going to be a crazy and stupidly long process and also, I know that mostly people are here for fandom, I've decided to go ahead and create a filter for the news/updates/random flail about this and the process and getting it going. Because this is opt-in, not opt-out, if you want on the filter, please click the little radio button below:

[Poll #1674964]

In fandom news:

  • Forced bed-sharing is the new theme at [ profile] harlequincepted
  • I have fallen crazy stupid in love with Hawaii 5-0
  • I need all the fic ever where Steve and Danny are accidentally married. I need MOAR. There is not enough!
  • I am totally working on A/E fic, I swear!
  • Eventually, I will be writing A/E surfer fic. HERE'S HOPING IT DOESN'T TURN INTO H5-0 AU.
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2011-01-09 03:42 am




In other news, I love my new iPhone. Video quality, so amazing.
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2011-01-04 11:37 pm

things! and other things!

So, I've pretty much decided to go ahead and hit Chicago this weekend. I mentioned it to my mother and her response was "well, it will be your last chance for a while." CURSE YOU, ADULTHOOD. >:(

But the important part of that story is EMPIRES. EMPIRES FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. :DDDD

Also, it has come to my attention--and to absolutely no one's surprise--that there is, in fact, not a single fake boyfriend fic that I don't want like burning. ♥___♥

Also, also, I am attempting to cut back on Diet Dr. Pepper and it HURTS MY HEAD SO MUCH. DDDDD:

Also, also, also, I have had Firecracker by Katy Perry stuck in my head since I woke up. >:(

Also, also, also, also: THIS HAPPENED. :DDDDDD
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2011-01-03 11:53 pm
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writing is so hard /o\

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2011-01-02 11:29 pm

well, I may've faked it

You guys, you guys, I know you've all seen this already, but [ profile] harlequincepted!! GO! JOIN! WRITE ME FAKE BOYFRIEND FIC. :DDDD This is gonna be glorious. You know you want in.

Seriously though, the list of my bulletproof kinks pretty much goes like this:

  1. Fake boyfriends!
  2. Banter
  3. Accidentally married
  4. Pining

This is gonna be the best, I can tell already. ♥______♥

Now the question becomes: WHO IS GONNA WRITE ME THE CAN'T BUY ME LOVE AU?

*chinhands forever*