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to cliche or not to cliche... has never been a question.

Right. I've had something of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, and from what I understand, I am not alone. Add in the fact that Remix X signups are opening VERY SOON and I don't qualify for the fandoms I'd like to write in most... The obvious answer is the thing that makes me happiest in the world. CLICHES. So, whatever, let's do a thing.

The Multi-Fandom Cliche Meme

Fake boyfriends, accidental marriages, and amnesia, OH MY!

Any fandom, any rating, any pairing, any cliche. Pick your poison and bring it to the party, because everybody loves a good cliche.

Steve and Bucky undercover at a gay club, dancing close and wanting things they shouldn't? Nick and Monroe make out for cover and realize they don't want to stop? Agent Coulson gets magicked into a toddler and the Avengers have to care for him? Who has to cuddle for warmth? Who has to share a bed with their UST and the object of their lust because there's only one room at the inn? Who can survive the zombie apocalypse, but worries their feelings may do them in? Who has to get someone out of their wet clothes before the teeth chattering does them both in? What about the time Character A has a minor sickness/injury and Character B fusses and Character A is grumpy and THERE IS ALL THE LOVE EVER? What about the one where everyone thinks they're a couple? Where a trip to Vegas/Canada means they wake up married? Or the one where they don't realize they are TOTALLY MARRIED until they start getting toasters and blenders from their friends? What about that road trip across the country that someone has always wanted to take?

Whatever your cliche, whatever your fandom, whatever your character, whatever your medium. I want them all.


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