angelgazing: (hayley - hayley williams woot)
angelgazing ([personal profile] angelgazing) wrote2011-02-28 12:52 pm

except I won't sing. You can thank me later.

Posting on the dl since I'm supposed to be working like a fucking bee or something idk, idk, I'm not used to having this many things on the list of Very Important Shit I Really Must Do. But! But, this is also VERY IMPORTANT, okay.

*\o/* *\o/* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAS *\o/* *\o/*

[ profile] aredblush is one of the worst influences to ever influence, and she makes me do ridiculous things like write the Inception team as Care Bears, but she's amazing and kind and sweet and always there to make me smile when I'm ready to throw all the things. She is FANTASTIC and she deserves all the love and best wishes ever, ever, ever.

Basically, what I'm saying here is [ profile] aredblush =


I still owe her like, a decent bday present, but in the meantime she's saying that this little thing I wrote about Steve's tattoos could count. Because she's awesome, if I haven't mentioned that before.


Right. Now back to work.

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