angelgazing: (panic - bden facedesks)
angelgazing ([personal profile] angelgazing) wrote2011-02-17 02:15 pm

heartattacks and broken dreams

Finally, finally, finally getting an issue with the restaurant taken care of, but it requires me to be there when I'm also supposed to be on the phone with the hospital, since my surgery is tomorrow. Still have other issues that aren't even close to getting fixed.

Let me just put this out there, for all future business owners, okay. Things that are not good buiness practice: making potential customers jump through hoops, not being available at the numbers listed, NOT CALLING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY THINGS FROM YOU. Honest to god, you'd think it was a revolutionary concept. YOU ARE IN SALES. I NEED TO PURCHASE THINGS. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?

And like that wasn't stressing me out enough, ahahaha, seriously, I'm so randomly nervous about the surgery tomorrow. Which makes no sense, really, since I mostly just want the pain to stop.

What I never want to stop, however? the H50 cliche meme! It's proven to be the most excellent distraction so far today. Here's hoping it (and YOU GUYS, I love you guys!) will keep working it's magic while I get more and more freaked the fuck out. Here's hoping.

AH, okay, must now attempt to impersonate a real life functioning adult. Who is productive. Sigh.

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