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angelgazing ([personal profile] angelgazing) wrote2011-02-11 10:30 pm

this post doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up

I am having a day. This is a day of random incoherent rage, but whatever, I'm working on it. The internet makes all the things better, right?

It helps that The Inception Anon Love Meme is still going strong. It's fabulous to know that there are people out there who really just want to make someone else feel better about themselves. There's something to be said for making someone else smile. The whole thing just warms my cold, dead heart. ♥♥♥

I am totally going to have to do a second part to the Steve/Danny pimping post. Partly because I was unaware that I was writing a primer, and partly because I managed to miss art in the last post. But look, look at Steve and Danny. Look how happy they are. Don't you want them to keep smiling and being happy and building sandcastles with Grace? *coughs* The point here, is if you have any Hawaii Five-0 recs, be they fic or art or comms, please for the love of god hand them over.

Seriously, though, seriously, I want the story where Danny gets hurts and Rachel flips out again and threatens to take custody back to court because clearly his life is a danger to Grace, so Steve is like, NO, NO, I GOT THIS. And in order to seem like Danny's is a stable environment he and Danny get married, and Danny moves into Steve's house--all while still recovering from like, a GSW that means Steve goes back and forth from "omg wtf you can't do that" to "stop being such a baby" because he's Steve. And Mary is pissed that she missed the wedding, and Chin is just smug because he called it, and Kono is like getting into fights at even the hint that someone is going to give Steve and Danny shit about being married (though mostly everyone is just like... and this is different how?). And then they figure their shit out and stop pretending like they're only pretending to be totally married. And Rachel is like, well finally, be by at seven for Grace on Friday, would you?

I'm pretty sure seeing the prompt or whatever like this on [ profile] foxxcub's LJ is the entire reason I ended up watching this show. I want this story so much I can't stand it.


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