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And here I was planning on doing better about updating my LJ

For those of you who don't have the incredible patients I've no doubt it must take to follow me on twitter (@angelgazing, ftr, if you want to join the insanity) I am in the process of doing something I've dreamed about for as long as I can remember and opening my own restaurant.

It's not going to be anything very big, or very fancy. It's not going to be exactly the place I've imagined for years. But it's going to be mine, and I'm so excited about it I tend to lapse into verbal keysmashing when the subject comes up. (Thank whatever from high atop the thing, honestly, for [ profile] gyzym's ability to understand when I speak in keysmash.)

I grew up in a restaurant, because my family owned one from the time I was four until they sold it about 9 years ago. I remember being six and training a new waitress on where the tables were. I remember learning to work the register. I still can't handle cash that isn't all facing the same direction. I remember slicing a billion lemons, and watching my great grandmother make bread, and having cake for breakfast, and buttered sourdough straight out of the oven. The smell of it baking is always going to ping a little bit like home for me. We're naming the new place after her.

Anyway, because I keep flailing like the ridiculous person that I am, and it's going to be a crazy and stupidly long process and also, I know that mostly people are here for fandom, I've decided to go ahead and create a filter for the news/updates/random flail about this and the process and getting it going. Because this is opt-in, not opt-out, if you want on the filter, please click the little radio button below:

[Poll #1674964]

In fandom news:

  • Forced bed-sharing is the new theme at [ profile] harlequincepted
  • I have fallen crazy stupid in love with Hawaii 5-0
  • I need all the fic ever where Steve and Danny are accidentally married. I need MOAR. There is not enough!
  • I am totally working on A/E fic, I swear!
  • Eventually, I will be writing A/E surfer fic. HERE'S HOPING IT DOESN'T TURN INTO H5-0 AU.

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