angelgazing: (bandom - sean van vleet's shadow)
angelgazing ([personal profile] angelgazing) wrote2011-01-04 11:37 pm

things! and other things!

So, I've pretty much decided to go ahead and hit Chicago this weekend. I mentioned it to my mother and her response was "well, it will be your last chance for a while." CURSE YOU, ADULTHOOD. >:(

But the important part of that story is EMPIRES. EMPIRES FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. :DDDD

Also, it has come to my attention--and to absolutely no one's surprise--that there is, in fact, not a single fake boyfriend fic that I don't want like burning. ♥___♥

Also, also, I am attempting to cut back on Diet Dr. Pepper and it HURTS MY HEAD SO MUCH. DDDDD:

Also, also, also, I have had Firecracker by Katy Perry stuck in my head since I woke up. >:(

Also, also, also, also: THIS HAPPENED. :DDDDDD

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