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things! and other things!

So, I've pretty much decided to go ahead and hit Chicago this weekend. I mentioned it to my mother and her response was "well, it will be your last chance for a while." CURSE YOU, ADULTHOOD. >:(

But the important part of that story is EMPIRES. EMPIRES FOR ME THIS WEEKEND. :DDDD

Also, it has come to my attention--and to absolutely no one's surprise--that there is, in fact, not a single fake boyfriend fic that I don't want like burning. ♥___♥

Also, also, I am attempting to cut back on Diet Dr. Pepper and it HURTS MY HEAD SO MUCH. DDDDD:

Also, also, also, I have had Firecracker by Katy Perry stuck in my head since I woke up. >:(

Also, also, also, also: THIS HAPPENED. :DDDDDD

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You wave your magic wand and communities pop up! fics appear! I am happy! You have superpowers, my friend.

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Sometimes the universe loves me, Nancy, what can I say?

*sighs happily*

And there's more posted to that fic!

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I am so jealous of your future weekend! Take pics, yes?

That song, ugh. I keep humming "boom boom boom" >:( And the video is kinda cheesy but oh so pretty. Why must she make me like her? *sgrunt*


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Ahhh I will try! I will try! I will try and remember to... find my camera. And charge the batteries. There are important steps where I tend to fail. Woe and such.

That song is terrrible! But also so catchy! Damn it. I just hope that she doesn't really write her own songs, because if some of the others on her album are about Travie, I may cry foreeever. D:

AH FAKE BOYFRIENDS! I was gonna do the one where Arthur is a high-end matchmaker, only people start questioning him/not taking him seriously because he's single, so he hires Eames to be his fake boyfriend! And Eames is charming and THEY FALL IN LOVE THE END. IDK. The middle is very muddy. Surprise, surprise, right?

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You never fail! Also, I can see how the thought of being in the same room as SVV might turn your brain in a spazzing, forgetful little thing.

I haven't listened to the whole album, just the songs she made videos for. Are they all D:-inducing?

Arthur the high-end matchmaker! Does he have spreadsheets and excel files with likes and dislikes to pair up his clients to perfection? :D?
I'm sure by muddy you mean dirty in the good way ;)

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Oh, oh, Nas, I cannot even tell you. I am so into that dude it's ridic. And he like... realizes how crazy we are? Because he knows where we are from! So we show up at shows and he's like O.O YOU GUYS DROVE THIS FAR? Seriously. Seriously. They are all awesome dudes, do not get me wrong, but *flails a lot*.

Also, also, I'm thinking I may just have to give into my creeper ways and ask if he'll write out that line from Voodooized for me, because I really wanna get it inked. /o\

OH GOD, NAS. She does one called Circle the Drain and I just lskjlskgjslgjs I'm like oh god please don't be about Travie, please don't be about Travie, please,please, please? It was the MOST D:-inducing. The most.

Arthur totally has spreadsheets. He has the MOST spreadsheets that eames has ever seen. There are also charts. Ariadne is his secretary/ matchmaker in training. Possibly she's the real mastermind behind the entire Arthur finding the love of his life in a ridiculously dressed cocky British dude who can't take a compliment. Maybe. ARTHUR CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING.

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Ngl, when Empires came out it was like being hit by the awesomeness bus. I don't know, they are just so enthusiastic about what they do and so amazed by their fans and SVV is just a ball of utter awesome! I have a weakness for RyanJ because he's such a klutz, but Sean is totes the one who lured me in. I think they even if they've all been musicians for a long while, they retained some of that youthful thing where you're just starting out and everything feels like a gift you didn't expect and you can't help but be awed and grateful. I love that about them. They make me feel like I'm part of the experience, like it's a mutual give and take. They are what I wish all bands where like.

What line? I love that song to pieces <333

I'll have to check it out just to fully appreciate the D: experience, I think.

Are there Venn diagrams? Are there? I knew Ariadne was the one behind the "Save Arthur's from himself" plan >:) But did Eames already have a crush on Arthur and told Ariadne while drunk? Did Ariadne use this intel to catch two lovebirds with one cupcake?