06 May 2012 @ 06:00 pm
what the hell, why not  
Twitter made me do it. We just can't get enough of these things, twitter and I. We bring to you:

The Multi-Fandom _______ Made Them Do It Meme

Aliens and Sex Pollen and Pon Farr, OH MY!

Everyone has a favorite way to fill in the blank, so it's time to show me yours, fandom. Is it Tony/Bruce: An Experimental Lab Chemical Made Them Do It? Bucky/Steve: The Shield Made Them Do It? Darcy/Clint: ALIENS (Thor) MADE THEM DO IT? Derek/Stiles: The Supermoon Made Them Do It? Arthur/Eames: The Dream Made Them Do It? Loki/Thor: A Spell Gone Wrong Made Them Do It? Harvey/Mike: A Book Made Them Do It? Sam/Dean: Clowns Made Them Do It?

Maybe that's not it. Maybe you've got something a thousand times better. Lay it on me, fandom, because when it comes to this, the possibilities are endless, and there is just never enough.

The Rules

Any fandom
Any pairing
Any rating
Any word count
Any medium
All the _____ Made Them Do It
All the love.

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